30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 2. Least Favourite Pokemon.

Yesterday, I talk about my favourite Pokemon. Today, I’m going to talk about my least favourite Pokemon. And this is a bit of a unusual pick, so let’s take a look…

My least favourite Pokemon comes from the second generation and anyone who has played Pokemon Gold/Silver or Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, will have had to have battled this Pokemon at one point during the game. And if they were anything like me, they would have had a hard time in their first playthrough of the game as this Pokemon was the first real challenge in the second generation of games. So which Pokemon am I talking about?

Image source: Bulbapedia.

Yes, my least favourite Pokemon is Miltank. My introdution to this Pokemon was when I tried to fight Goldenrod City’s Gym Leader, Whiteny. I was feeling fairly confident, as I had already earnt two gym badges at that point and now I was facing a gym leader who used normal type Pokemon. I honestly didn’t think she was going to pose a challenge, as normal type Pokemon aren’t strong against any type. Then I faced her Miltank. This cow annilhated my entire party thanks to its combination of Rollout and Milk Drink. After spending a little while levelling up my Pokemon, I would return to seek revenge against this pink cow and emerge victorious.

But its not just that Miltank got the better of me- Miltank just seems like a pretty generic Pokemon. Its design is basically a big pink cow. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Pokemon, whose designs aren’t the most creative but Miltank rarely seems to be criticsed for its design. Then there is the fact that it does not have an evolved form nor is it an eloved form of another Pokemon. When you catch a Miltank, that’s all you get. Even its move sets are pretty generic and are what you get with most normal type Pokemon: tackle, growl, rollout, headbutt, stomp etc. I suppose in its defence, it does have the unique move called Milk Drink.

However, its not just its visual design and moveset that are quite dull. Even Miltank’s Pokedex entries are unimaginative. Whereas some Pokemon get really interesting enteries that add to the lore of the Pokemon world, here are a few samples of Miltank’s entries:

  • Pokemon Silver: ‘If it has just had a baby, the milk it produces contains much more nutrition than usual.’
  • Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire: ‘Miltank gives over five gallons of milk on a daily basis. Its sweet milk is enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike. People who can’t drink milk turn it into yogurt and eat it instead.’
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: ‘It is said that kids who drink Miltank’s milk grow up to become hearty, healthy adults.’

I don’t think they were even trying with that last entry! As you can see, the only thing that Miltank is known for is its milk and even then its not even like the milk has really special properties.

So, all in all, my least favourite Pokemon is Miltank, one of the most boring, unoriginal POkmeon in the entire series. I apologise to anyone who loves Miltank but for me it will always be the pink cow Pokemon. So, now I’m passing the question to you guys: which is your least favourite Pokemon? Let me know in the comments below and join me tomorrow, when I’ll be talking about my favourite starter Pokemon. See you then!

One thought on “30 Day Pokemon Challenge: Day 2. Least Favourite Pokemon.

  1. Whitney’s Miltank handed me my first loss in Pokemon. Got through several playthroughs of Red without all my team getting knocked out, then I roll through Silver easily enough, until I reach there, and bam.

    And yeah, you’re right about her being very generic. Tauros was already one of the blander Pokemon, being a stylized bull, but even he had more character to him than Miltank. It’s hard to put her on your team. Oh yeah, here’s my party of a great beast spewing fire, a giant dragon-bird… and a cartoon cow.

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