Playstation Trophy Hunting: My First Ten Platinum Trophies.

I may have only started to focus on earning platinum trophies recently, but I have managed to gain a fair amount in a short amount of time. So, today, I thought I would talk about the first ten platinum trophies that I earnt and my experience of earning them.

1. One Percenter, Days Gone.

The very first platinum trophy, that I earnt, was called One Percenter for Days Gone. The reason I decided to go ahead and get this trophy was because the trophy list for Days Gone looked pretty achievable. For the most part, the trophies were either tied to story progression or were tied to the typical completing open world activities and collectibles. In fact, I earnt most of the trophies prior to completing the story. The one trophy that did cause me a little trouble was Burnout Apocalypse, for which I needed to use nitro and drift on my bike for five seconds. This sounds easy but its actually tricky, as you need to upgrade your bike and find the right location to pull this maneuver off. If you are looking to start earning platinum trophies, Days Gone would be a good game to start with, as you don’t need to 100% complete the game but it does require a little bit of time to achieve it.

2. Enjoy Your Powers, inFamous Second Son.

Shortly after completing Days Gone, I decided to revisit the very first game I played on my PS4, inFamous Second Son. Again, Enjoy Your Powers is a fairly easy platinum trophy to acquire. For this trophy, your will have to play the game at least twice and choose to be good in one playthrough and then evil in the second. There is a trophy, Unstoppable, which is earnt for completing inFamous Second Son on expert difficulty but if you choose to do an evil playthrough on expert, its not too much of a challenge, as the evil karma skill lines have more offensive abilities. As long as you are happy to play through a game twice, then this is another solid platinum to earn.

3. The Artist of Denska, Concrete Genie.

This is the easiest platinum trophy I have earnt for a PS4 game, so far. The entire trophy list is based around completing the stroy, finding all collectibles and using certain things in your paintings. I had earnt the majority of the trophies before even finishing the story, mainly because I found almost all of the collectibles during my adventire through Denska. This is a great trophy to get if you don’t have hours of time to dedicate to earning a platinum trophy; however as Concrete Genie has an easy trophy list to complete, a lot of players have earnt the platinum, so if you are wanting a rarer platinum trophy then you will have to look at pther games.

4. Noble Achievement, inFamous First Light.

OK, Noble Achievement the platinum trophy for inFamous First Light, is the first game that I came across a slightly grindy trophy list. Like with my previous platinum trophies, inFamous First Light had trophies tied to the story and completing all sidequests but the real challenge came from the trophies tied to the arenas, mainly Perfectionist and Top of the Class. To earn Perfectionist, you have to complete all the challenges, which are objectives like save hostages and earn so many points in one arena fight and for Top of the Class, you have to earn 10,000,000 points in the arenas. Neither of these trophies are difficult- they just take a bit of time to earn. inFamous First Light would be a good game to try, if you weren’t sure if you had the patience to complete the trophy lists for games that had grindy trophies.

5. Halls of Valhalla, Mad Max.

We’ve now reached the game that I had the hardest time earning the platinum trophy for. Halls of Valhalla was a tough platinum to earn, not so much because Mad Max was a difficult game to complete but because of one very grindy trophy, Up to the Task. To earn Up to the Task, and in turn Halls of Valhalla, you must complete all non-repeating trophies. There are 144 challenges you have to complete. Some of these challenges are fairly reasonable, like complete the main objectives in the enemy camps and eat twelve cans of food. Then there are the challenges that are awful, like completing all 191 scavenging locations. I don’t mind games with challenge lists as these, like trophies themselves, encourage you to explore the game and the gameplay mechanics fully. However, in the case of Mad Max, I think this was sdone to such an extreme just to pad out the game’s play time. Halls of Valhalla is now an unobtainable platinum, as Warner Bros. took the servers offline but even if it was still available, I wouldn’t recommend you attempt this platinum, its just too much work and could affect your enjoyment of the game.

6. C: R Master, Code: Realize ~ Guardians of Rebirth.

We’ve reached my first PS Vita platinum! C:R Master was not a difficult platinum, as Code: Realize ~ Guardians of Rebirth is a visual novel. Basically, the entirety of the trophy list is connected to paying through the story. The challeneg is all about perseverance. To earn all of the trophies for the game, you have to play through each characters’ storyline and exeperience all of their possible endings. Saving at each decision is a must and you will soon find the ‘skip dialogue you’ve already read’ an absolute godsend. The reason this platinum took me so long to earn was the burnout I felt, having to play through the first eight chapters, five times. At least the story, characters and setting of Code: Realizeare interesting and anyone who plays through all the storylines are rewarded with seeing how each of the stories connect with each other. C: R Master is another example of a grindy platinum but if you are a fan of visual novels, it is worth giving a go.

7. Code: Realize ~FB~ Master, Code: Realize ~ Future Blessings.

Sticking with the Vita, visuals novels and the world of Code: Realize, my seventh platinum trophy was for Code: Realize ~ Future Blessings. Code: Realize ~FB~ Master is the easiest platinum I’ve earnt, so far. The game didn’t take that long to complete and it had less gameplay than its predecessor, Code: Realize ~ Guardians of Rebirth. Future Blessings is basically a collections of epilogues for the characters of the previous game, with a couple of additional short stories included. For the mopst part, it is just screens and screens of text you have to read with about ten to fifteen decisions, in total, that you have to make. I would only recommend Future Blessings to fans of the series but if you are fan then this is an incredibly easy platinum trophy to earn.

8. Le Platinum Trophy, Cat Quest.

Le Platinum Trophy was such a fun trophy to earn, just because I had a great time with the game, Cat Quest. I was actually surprised when the trophy notification popped up, as I had earnt all of the other trophies prior to completing the story. I think the one trophy that is slightly grindy is Super Catventurer, for which you have to reach level 99, which isn’t that hard as long as you don’t avoid fighting enemies.Again, this is a great trophy to go for if you are wanting to start earning platinum trophies but you don’t want to go for the more challenging and time consuming trophies.

9. Pawlatinum, Cat Quest II.

Since I had the Cat Quest + Cat Quest II: Pawsome Pack, it made sense to go for Cat Quest II‘s paltinum trophy, after earning Cat Quest‘s Le Platinum Trophy. For the most part, Cat Quest II‘s trophy list is similar to Cat Quest‘s, although it does have more content for you to complete and more equipment to collect. However, this isn’t a tough trophy to obtain, it just requires a little more time dedicated to earning it. Like with Cat Quest, I had an absolute blast playing Cat Quest II, so it didn’t feel like it took much effort to complete this trophy list.

10. Master Assassin, Assassin’s Creed II.

Now, we’ve reached my tenth platinum trophy, Master Assassin for Assassin’s Creed II. Long time readers for this blog will know that I am a bit of a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series, with Assassin’s Creed II being one of my favourite games.So, when I was thinking of which game I should play for the tenth platinum milestone, it didn’t take me long to make a decision. Assassin’s Creed II has a decent trophy list with a mixture of story trophies, collectible trophies and trophies linked to specific gameplay features. The trophy that took the longest to earn was In Memory of Petruccio, for which you have to collect all one hundred feathers in the game. Unfortunately, there is no easy in-game way to find these featehrs, you just have to look in each area; but if you are struggling there are plenty of online guides that can help you. Master Assassin was not the easiest, nor the most diffficult trophy that I earnt but it was one that I loved obtaining, as it was linked to one of my favourite video games.

And those were my first ten platinum trophies! I hoped you enjoyed this quick look into the trophies I’ve earnt. I want to keep you guys updated on my tophy hunting quest, so keep your eyes peeled for another post, when I’ve earnt my twentieth platinum trophy. I’ll talk to you guys soon!

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