Nostalgia Strikes Again! A New Series of Posts…

A couple of days a go, I was watching some videos on Youtube when the algorithm suggested a video called Power Rangers RPG| Hyperforce: Welcome to Time Force Academy| Tabletop RPG (Premiere). OK, not the most catchy of titles but it definitely piqued my interest. My recent attempt of catching up with Critical Role has reignited my interest in tabletop RPGs and Power Rangers, especially Time Force, will always strike the nostalgie chord with me. Anyway, I ended up watching this two and half hour episode and loving watching a collection of Youtubers and Power Rangers actors comiong together to create a Power Rangers team. It also left me with an idea…

That one video sent me on a bit of a nostalgie trip. You see, I grew up watching Power Rangers, but only really two series: Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force. Sure, I caught a couple of episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangersand Wild Force but for the most part, I missed out on a lot of the different series within the franchise. So, I’ve decided, this year, I will revisit a franchise from my childhood and see how the series progress long after I stopped watching as a kid.

For the long time readers, don’t worry this won’t be a repeat of the Assassin’s Creed incident where I set myself the challenge of complete the whole franchis by the end of the year. No, I do sometime learn from my mistakes. Instead, I want to take my time and enjoy delving into this long running franchise. Intially this will be just catching up with the TV series, as well watching the film tie-ins, but I may also take a look at the comics and video games, as well, depending on how much I’m enjoying my time with the show.

There are some many Power Ranger teams… (Den of Geek)

So, how does this tie in with this blog? Well, considering Power Rangers is all about a group of heroes fighting evil, I thought it would be perfect for A Reluctant Hero! I also want to take you guys along for the journey and who knows, maybe some of you may get struck by the nostalgia bug too! My plan will be at the end of every month, I’ll post an update here on what I’ve been consuming, Power Rangers content-wise.

And yes, I do intend to watch this glorious adaptation! (Tenor)

That’s really all I have to say, for the time being. For February, I’ll be starting off right at the beginning, with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Considering there are nearly 150 episodes for this series, this make take me longer than February to complete but I’ll definitely be giving it a good go! So, check back at the end of February to see how I’ve done. See you then!

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