First Impressions: Bravely Default II Final Demo.

I recently decided to dive into the Bravely Default II Final Demo and I thought I would share my first impressions of the game with you today. This demo was actually my first time playing one of the Bravely games. This has been a series that I’ve wanted to try out for a little while now, in fcat Bravely Default has been sitting in my 3DS backlog waiting to be played! So, let’s see how this demo for Bravely Default II has in store for a newbie to the series.

The demo’s content.

Like with the Monster Hunter Rise demo, that I played recently, the Bravely Default II demo also ahas a restriciton on how long you can play it. The demo allows you to play for five hours and then if you wish to continue to experience the demo, you need to create a new save file and start from the beginning. To be honest, I felt this was an adequate length of time to explore the game and the fact that I had the option to restart it meant I could take my time and play around with differnet elements of the game.

Once you’ve started the demo and selected one of three difficulty options, you literally jump straight into the first chapter of the game, in which your party of characters are on the hunt for the stolen water crystal. I’ll admit that I wished the prologue was included in the demo, as it would have been nice to be properly introduced to the characters but I understand that the developers want players to jump straight into the action.

Speaking of action, the demo lets experience a nixe slice of the gameplay for Bravely Default II. Not only do you get to explore the desert region of Savalon but there sidequests for you to complete, as well as two dungeons to explore. I felt that there was enough content to allow me to get to know the game’s gameplay, especially its Bravely/Default system that sort of reminds me of Octopath Travelers‘ system, in which you have to choose when to attack and when to defend.

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What I enjoyed.

There was very little about this demo that I didn’t enjoy but I did love the bright, colourful setting and I know that the art style may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I actually liked it. I also liked that the class system allows you to mix and match classes with the characters and that you earn new jobs by defeating bosses. The combat was also very enjoyable. The Bravely/Default system adds a layer of strategy to the turn based style of combat. For those who haven’t experienced the Bravely Default combat: when its one of your party members’ truns you have a number of options. You can just perform a single action, like in a tradtional turn based game, or you could choose to pass (Default) which then saves that action for later. Finally, if you have saved an action, you can choose to use up to three additional actions in one turn (Bravely). I think this simple mechanic will offer players a lot of options going into boss fights and I feel that the timing of using these actions will be imprtant in later boss fights in the final game.

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What I enjoyed the least.

As I mentioned above, I really enjoyed the Bravely Default II Final Demo. The only think that I wished was slightly differnet, would be that the developers had included the prologue or at least a summary of the plot so far, just so I could understand what was going on. a little better.

Final Words.

Overall, I had a great time with the demo and it left me with the impression that I would thoroughly enjoy playing Bravely Default II. It seems like the game will have all the things I love about JRPGs, as well as bringing some gameplay that is unique to the series. It seems like I was right to include Bravely Default II on my most most anticipated games for 2021 list! All that’s left to say, is be prepared to see more about Bravely Default II on this blog in the near future!

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