First Impressions: Monster Hunter Rise Demo.

I recently talked about five games that I’m looking forward to being released this year, but there was one game that didn’t quite make the cut, Monster Hunter Rise. I’ll be honest, I haven’t had that much experience with the Monster Hunter series, having only dabbled briefly with Monster Hunter World with my boyfriend. So, with a demo available, I thought now was a good time to see if Monster Hunter Rise will be my entry point in this monster hunting series.

The demo’s content.

Let’s start with what the demo allows you to do. You have access to two tutorial missions and two hunting quests. You are limited to the playing the hunting quests up to a combined thirty times and once you have hit that limit, you can no longer play the demo. I’ll be honest, unless you are a die hard Monster Hunter fan, that wants to play this demo over and over until tthe actual is released, this is a sufficient amount of play tiem to get a feel of the demo.

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The two tutorial missions do a brilliant job of introducing the basic mechanics to someone who is completely new to the series. Not only that but they also introduce some new mechanics like how to ride your Palamute and using the Wirebug system, that are new to Monster Hunter Rise. Now, I’ll come clean, despite how clear the tutorials were, I still flailed around the area with my longsword whilst my kitty companion was doing the actual work of hunting the monsters.

Speaking of hunting the monsters, I also completed the beginner quest of hunting a Great Izuchi. This quest allowed me to play around with all the different mechanics taht I had been taught in the tutorials. I was able to jump onto another monster that decided to gatecrash my hunt, as well as traverse the forest swampy environment on my Palamute. The hunting quest lasted a decent amount of time, certainly not too long that it outstayed its welcome but long enough that I felt I got to experience all the gaming mechanics. As of yet, I don’t feel I’m skilled enough to take on the intermediate questbut perhaps after a few Great Izuchi hunts, I will feel confident enough to take on the Mizutsune!

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What I enjoyed.

I really enjoyed my time with the Monster Hunter Rise demo. I liked the fact that I had the option of trying out all fourteen weapons and I felt that the two tutorials did a great job of covering the basic mechanics, especially for a newcomer like myself. As someone who loves dogs, the fact that one of my hunting companions will be a rideable dog companion is an instant bonus. The fact that there is also a number of different ways to traverse the map is also great.

What I enjoyed the least.

As a newcomer, I wished there was more explanation about how the different weapons worked. I’m confident that the actual game will cover how each of the weapons works, but I did feel like I was flailing around in the demo, as I was trying to work out what the little bars at the top of my screen were about. This didn’t really detract from my experience but it did make the first part of the demo have a bit a learning curve for me. The only other thing I wish the demo included was a bit more of an introduction to the story. I understand that the Monster Huntergames are about the monster hunting, but it would have been nice to have more of an introduction to the world we were in. Still, these were only two minor issues and didn’t really impact my time with the demo.

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Final Words.

I guess the million pound question is: did the Monster Hunter Risedemo convince me to buy the game? And my honest answer is, yes. I enjoyed my time with the demo and I can honestly say that I haven’t played a game quite like Monster Hunter Rise. Its gameplay isn’t the sort of gameplay I normally encounter, which makes it feel fresh and unique. Thinking about the games I want to play in 2021, I can definitely see a place for Monster Hunter Rise in that list, as it will be a nice change of pace to the other games I want to play. So, be prepared to see more about Monster Hunter Rise on this blog later in the year!

If you are interested in trying out the Monster Hunter Rise demo, you have until 31st January to download it off of the Nintendo eShop.

7 thoughts on “First Impressions: Monster Hunter Rise Demo.

  1. Hi there, I love Monster Hunter, have been a fan for many a year now and thought the demo for Rise points to this being the absolute best variant of the series so far. I liked but didn’t love MH World to be honest, it felt lacking in everything apart from the graphics which were great, much preferred MH Generations Ultimate. (Interesting tip about the 30 tries limit, if you delete your save – you get the 30 goes back again!) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the demo! 🙂

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    1. That’s interesting to hear about Monster Hunter World, as I struggled to get into the game but I’m glad that you think Rise may be a better entry into the series! Thanks for the tip about deletingyour save data, I would never have thought to try that. Out of interest, what is about Rise, that suggests to you, that this may be one of the best games in the Monster Hunter series?

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      1. Rise feels like a perfect upgrade to Generations Ultimate,except this time it’s been built from the ground up for Switch hardware unlike MH Generations, which is ultimately an enhanced port of the 3DS original (it’s a great port though!) There appear to be some quality of life introductions from the more modern MH World included, but I’m glad that it feels more like the earlier, more in depth versions of the franchise. I’ve always acquainted the feel that MH Generations Ultimate (and it’s earlier variants) are more akin to Dark Souls in accessibility, whereas MH World is much more Skyrim. (that said, I love both Skyrim and Dark Souls, which along with Animal Crossing NH, are my most played video-games of all time!) 🙂


  2. If Monster Hunter World is any indication… no, the game won’t explain how the weapons work. At least not totally, all the combos and features and what not. I had to go online to really understand what I was dealing with. But, outside of that, sounds like Rise is set to be great at explaining the other things!

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  3. As a fan, this game may become my favorite in the series. The demo doesn’t have a training area for you to learn the weapons, but it does have notes in the Hunter Notes that tell you what each button does, combinations, and tips on how to be effective with it. I know its not the greatest, but the resource is there. It has been confirmed that a training area will be available in the full game.

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