Thero’s Top Five Games Completed In 2020.

OK, this is going to be my last post focused solely on my gaming in 2020, I promise! So, today I’m going to talk about the five games I completed last year that I really enjoyed playing. Let’s take a look!

5. inFamous: Second Son (PS4).

OK, I’m slightly cheating here, as inFamous: Second Son is a game I finished back in 2015, but I returned to it last year and finally earnt the platinum trophy by completing the story with evil karma on expert difficulty. My second playthrough was just fun and it certainly made me want to play more superhero games. I am still waiting for the day when we get an X-Men game that did the series justice…

4. Octopath Traveler (Switch).

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The next game on the list is the JRPG, Octopath Traveler. I started this game back in 2019 but eventually got distracted by other games; so when I went back to it, I decided to restart and second time round, I did manage to complete it. Octopath Traveler is basically a love letter to the JRPG genre. It was a big world with a variety of environments to explore; a party of characters with unique backstories and a combat system that brings new mechanics to the traditional turn based combat. The thing I really love about Octopath Travler is how all the characters have their own journey and are not prophesised Chosen Ones. They are ordinary people, who set out on their own personal journeys. So, if you love JRPGs, I recommend you try Octopath Traveler.

3. Concrete Genie (PS4).

At number three is Concrete Genie which I played on my PS4. When Concrete Genie was first announced, I was intrigued but I soon, unfortunately, forgot about it. Then, last year, I was looking at games on Amazon and noticed that Concrete Genie was being sold at quite a low price, so on a whim I decided to buy it. And I was so glad I did. This game has such a feel good story about hope and bringing light and life back to a desolate place. I can honestly say that with everything going on in 2020, Concrete Genie was just the game I needed.

2. Final Fantasy VII (PS4)

Image source: Final Fantasy VII’s Steam store page.

In second place, is the original Final Fantasy VII. I know, it has taken me over a decade to finally play this game and it was thanks to my boyfriend that I finally did. Final Fantasy VII is his favourite game and when he found out that I had never played it, he turned it into his mission to make sure I played it. And I’m glad he did. It may not beat Final Fantasy X as my favourite Final Fantasy game but it comes a close second! I loved the story and the second half of the story did surprise me with a couple of the plot twists. Collecting the summons and seeing what each one was capable of was always fun, but I never want to grind out another characters’ limit breaks ever again! I can definitely see why Final Fantasy VII is a beloved game to many people and I can’t wait to try out its remake!

1. Days Gone (PS4)

This probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been reading my blog in May and June of 2020, but my number one game of 2020 has to go to Days Gone. So, how did this post-apocalyptic, survival game get the number one spot? For that answer, we need to go back to the very beginning of 2020. So, you know how a lot of companies do the whole ‘here’s-a-summary-of-what-you-did-in-the-previous-year’ thing? Well, Sony did that for gamers and when they sent the e-mail inviting me to check out my summary of 2019, I excitedly clicked the link… then my excitemen quickly turned to horror. It turns out in the enitrety of 2019, I had only played one game and earnt two bronze trophies on PS4 and nothing for my poor Vita. This revelation made me feel guilty, as it was true, I had neglected my consoles in favour of my PC. So, I made a promise that I would do better in 2020… then forgot all about that promise until I picked up Days Gone, that was going cheap at the time, a few months later. This game reminded me of how much I loved console gaming and while my PC maybe more powerful, my PS4 and Vita have access to some unique games. Days Gone may have not be the best performing game I played in 2020, but it was the game I loved as a complete package: from story to environment I was hooked. So much so, that it became the first game that I earnt the platinum trophy for. So, if you have yet to play Days Gone, I would recommend it, especially if you love open world, post-apocalyptic games.

And that was my top five games that I played and completed in 2020! What games did you play last year that you loved? Let me know in the comments below. I’m going to be spoiling you guys with two top five lists this month, as on Saturday I will be talking about the top five games I am looking foward to being released in 2021. See you then!

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