Gaming in December.

Its the final monthly gaming summary of 2020! Normally, December is a tough month for me to find time to play video games, however this time, I’ve not done too badly! So, let’s check out the final games I played in 2020…

Let’s start of with the MMOs. I have made no progress in The Elder Scrolls Online. This is partly because I was feeling burntout from playing ESO a lot in November but also because my friend and I were not able to find time to meet up for our usual Tamrial shenanigans. Still, I hope in 2021 to be bale to progress further in the game. As for FFXIV, my boyfriend and I are approaching the end of all of the Heavensward content. We did get sidetracked by the Christmas seasonal event but since I can turn myself into a snowman, I think it was completely worth it.

I have finally become a snow woman!

Moving onto the games I did manage to complete, let’s start with Code: Realize ~ Guardians of Rebirth. This was a game I started way back in June, which I was alternating with Days Gone. I actually made some decent progrss in it… before getting distracted by other games. Code: Realize ~ Guardians of Rebirth is actually the first visual novel I’ve ever played and I was actually pleasantly surpsied. The fact that it was set in steampunk London, with famous literary characters popping up, certainly helped me fall in love with it. In fact, I loved it so much, that I wnet through each of the characters’ storylines and platinumed the game! Overall, I would say Van Helsing and Saint-Germain’s storylines were my favourite. Code: Realize ~ Guardians of Rebirth certainly has sold the visual novel genre to me and I will be playing more of these types of games in the future.

Code: Realize ~ Guardians of Rebirth was not the only game I earnt the platinum trophy for in December. I finally 100% completed Mad Max! This was easily the most trying game I tried to get the platinum trophy for. For the most part, Mad MAx wasn’t too bad. Sure the plot was a little predictable and the paccing was all over the place but the open world and car combat definitely make Mad Max worthy of trying out. However the trophy for completing all non-repeating challenges can go to a certain fiery place!

I finally did it…

So, after finishing Mad Max, I jumped straight into playing Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I had started to play Shadow of Mordor a few years ago but ended up getting distracted and I never actually finsihed it. So, with the announcement that the WB servers were closing at the end of the year, making one of the trophies unobtainable, I thought that would be a good time to finish off the Middle-Earth themed adventure game. So far, I’ve reached the second area and I’m now merrily branding orcs left, right and center. I am tempted to try and ern the platinum trophy but I mainly want to focus on reaching the end of the story, so you will have to check back next month to see if I did go for the full trophy set!

The final game I started to platy in December is A Hat in Timefor the Switch. This was a game I received as a Christmas present and, so far, I’m enjoying the experience. It is a cute platformer that reminds me of games like Spyro from the 90s. I think A Hat in Time will be a similar experience to Super Mario Odyssey in which I will complete the story but I don’t 100% complete it, as I’m not that great with these types of platformers.

And those were the games I playedin December! The fact that I managed to earn two platinum trophies was certainly a highlight for the month. Going into the new year, I will continue to play Middle-Earth: Shaodw of Mordorand A Hat in Time. I have also started to play the second Code: Realize game, Future Blessings. Now its over to you guys, what have you been playing over the festive period? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!

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