EXP Share: Sharing the Gift of Gaming.

I had a lot of fun writing about the first EXP Share topic and since DanamesX from Tale from the Backlog decided to continue this series of posts, I thought I would as well! This month’s topic is very appropriate for this time of year, as its all about giving a gift.

So, the actual quote from DanamesX is:

Share A Story Where You Shared The Gift Of Gaming With Someone OR Someone Shared It With You.

DanamesX, Tales from the Backlog.

I’m going to psoil you guys by telling you of two experiences: one where someone shared the gift of gaming with me and another where I shared the gift of gaming with someone. Since both of these stories are similar, I thought I would share both of them with you.

Let’s start with the gift of gaming that I shared with someone. I have a friend from work who used to really love video games but had sort of fallen out of love with it. He explained that he couldn’t find a game that grabbed his interest. I suggested that he should play The Elder Scrolls Online, since he had previously enjoyed the series and the game had a lot of content, making it great value for money. Although he liked the idea, he was also hestitant as he had never played an MMO before and wasn’t keen on playing one alone. So, I offered to create a new character and play along with him. There was a bit of a learning curve for him but it didn’t long for him to fall in love with ESO and two, nearly three, years later we still play ESO weekly, mainly being terrible at PvP but having a great time. ESO also helped to rekindle h=my friend’s love for gaming, as he has being playing more games on his PC and last year decided to get back into consoe gaming with a Switch. It just goes to show that offering your time, to help someone get into a game, can help them rediscover a hobby that they had previously loved.

Yes, we did spend one evening trespassing in the Aldmeri part of Cyrodiil with two Daggerfall characters.

And what about the time someone shared the gift of gaming with me? Well, it was actually with the other MMO that I play, Final Fantasy XIV. I have always been interested in trying out MMOs, but I was intimdated by the amount of time some players invested into MMOs as well as having a bad experience in WoW when I had plucked up the courage to give it a go, which led me to stay away from those games. Then a work colleague suggested that I try Final Fantasy XIV. He knew I was a Final Fantasy fan and thought the world and gameplay would interest me. I explained my concerns and he offered to help me learn how to play the game. I soon fell in love with Final Fantasy XIV, which would then encourage me to try out another MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. Fast forward a number of years and that work colleague is now my boyfriend and at the start of this year, we created new characters and are adventuring through the world of Final Fantasy XIV together.

Here are our original characters hanging out in Limsa Lominsa’s housing area with our squirrel-like pets.

So, those were my two experiences of giving and receiving the gift of gaming. Both of these experiences remind me that gaming can be a great social experience and can help connect people. Has there been a time when you have given the gift of gaming to someone? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have a moment, please check out DanamesX’s blog, Tale from the Backlog. I’m having a lot of fun taking part in EXP Share, so as long as DanamesX keeps thinking up these topics, I’ll keep writing about them; so check back next month to see if there’s another EXP Share post. See you then!

2 thoughts on “EXP Share: Sharing the Gift of Gaming.

  1. Thank you for sharing both of your stories! Your coworker introducing you to Final Fantasy XIV is almost similar to how I got my friend to play it. I need to convince him to play some more of it with me since it has been a while.

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