30 Games Tag.

I was reading through some blogs on WordPress, when I came across Stacey’s gaming themed tag post, on Life Told By Stacey. It looked like a lotof fun to answer, so I thought I would give it a go!

The Last Single Player Game That You Played.

I’m currently playing Stardew Valley, as part of the 5 Games Challeneg, that I’m doing this month. This isn’t the first time I’ve played Stardew Valley, but this playthrough has reminded me of how much I love this game. If you want a game that is strictly single player then that would be Dragon Age: Origins.

The Last Multiplayer Game That You Played.

The last mutliplayer game I played was actually on Tuesday! Every Tuesday, my boyfriend and I play Final Fantasy XIV together. We started doing this at the start of this year and have only gotten to the end of Heavensward. So, our progress hasn’t been amazing but we’ve had a lot of fun along the way…

A Game You’ve Played Multiple Times.

This could apply to a lot of games! However, the game I’ve probably played the most number of time, with different saves, would be The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I’ve easily put several hundred hours into that game on my Xbox360. It is just a huge game with so much to do and explore. You can also create whatever sort of character you want from a sneaky assassin to fireball flinging wizard. Oblivion offers so much replayabilty that I keep coming back to it every so often and each time I do, I start a new game.

A Game In Your Favourite Genre.

I tend to prefer single player, sotry driven games. I love RPGs of all varieties and as well as open world games. For that reason, I’m going to have to give this to Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. The setting of London is the perfect size and is truly an Assassin’s playground. Plus the characters, Evie and Jacob, are fantatstic and certainly make the story entertaining!

A Game In Your Backlog.

How do I begin to answer this question?! I’m notoriously known, amongst my friends, for having a rather large backlog of games to play. I’ve learnt long ago to just embrace my backlog and not be ashamed of item. If I had to pick one game, from my backlog, it would have to be Persona 5. I bought it in a sale at the beginning of the year and I still haven’t gotten around to playing it, despite loving Persona 4 and wanting to play more games in the series. Perhaps in 2021, I will finally be able to play it…

The Game You’ve Put The Most Hours Into.

I’m not one hundred per cent sure, but its goint to be a close competition between Final Fantasy XIVand The Elder Scrolls Online. Both of these are MMOs, which means you naturally sink a lot of time into playing them and I have been playing both of these for a few years.

A Game You Never Finished.

Like with my backlog and I’m known for being pretty bad at finishing games. I always start out with the intention of finishing the games I start, but I just get distracted easily. Assassin’s Creed Origins is a great example of this. I love the game and I want to finish it but every time I start to play, another game is released or someone recommends a game for me to play; so I stop playing Assassin’s Creed Origins and forget to go back to it. I know one day I will finish it!

A Game In Third Person.

Let’s go with a game I’ve played recently, Mad Max. Its an open world adventure game set in the universe of the Mad Max films. It has a unique post apocalyptic world for you to explore and has some of the best car combat I’ve seen in a game.

A Game In First Person.

A game that needs no introduction: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I can think of better way, of exploring the land of Skyrim, than in first person. Yes, it is nearly a ten year old game but it is still beautiful and I love getting immersed into this fantasy world.

A Game You’ve Replayed.

Back in September, I replayed inFamous: Second Son. I had originally played it back when I acquired my PS4, about five years ago. I wanted to experience the Evil Karma route which was a bit of a challenge for me, as I usually like being the good guy! Still, I had a fun time playing the rebellious Delsin and would recommend it to any PS4 owner.

A Game You Play To Relax.

I know I’ve already mentione dthis game but I do love playing Stardew Valley to relax. The fact that you aren’t tasked with saving the world or taking down an evil organisation but instead just going about your business as a famrer, just makes this game feel more chilled out. Plus, it has some of the most relaxing music in a video game!

A Game That Gets You Excited.

This could apply to any game with a great world to explore, an intriguing plot or offers replayability that makes each new game a different experience.

A Game From You Favourite Developers.

This was a hard one to choose, as there are quite a few developers whose video games I enjoy playing. In the end, I’ve picked Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed II. Ubisoft tends to get a lot of criticism for its games, in particular their lack of innovation; however, I will admit I do love Ubisoft’s games, especially the Assassin’s Creed series. Assassin’s Creed II was the game that sold the series to me, so I thought it deserved a mention.

Your Favourite Indie Game.

Another tough question! I have to go with either Her Story or Fran Bow. Fran Bow is the point and click adventure game that got me into that genre of video game, whilst Her Story introduced me to the FMV genre.

Your Favourite AAA Game.

Final Fantasy X. No hesitation, no doubts. I love the story, the characters and the world. Turn based battle systems are one of favourite battle systems to use in an RPG. The sphere grid is a fantastic system, which allows players to develop the characters in the way that they want. Also, the music is amazing.

Your Favourite Board Game.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill. This game has such a lot of replayability and knowing that one of the players will eventually betray the rest of the group adds a level of tension to the game.

Your Favourite Mutliplayer Game.

This is a tie between The Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV. If we are excluding MMOs, then I have to say its got to be Among Us. I’m a terrible liar but its still alot of fun, especially when I’m playing with friends.

Your Favourite Single Player Game.

Final Fantasy X. See Your Favourite AAA Game for my reasons.

Your Favourite Game Series.

Image source: gbposters.com

Overall, it has to the Assassin’s Creed series. Apart from two games, Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed Unity, the games are fantatsic. The other two suffer from weaker plots and technical issues. Still, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the series.

Your Favourite Game From Childhood.

Long time readers of this blog may have a good idea, its Pokemon Yellow. It was the game I received with my GameBoy Color, as a Christmas present from my parents. I played that game repeatedly and loved it. I have so many fond memories associated with Pokemon Yellow, that it will always be special to me.

An Overrated Game.

OK, don’t tell my boyfriend, but I have to say I think World Of Warcraft is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the impact it had on the MMO genre, I just don’t undersatnd the hype around it now. I tried to get into WoW several times over the years and I just got bored with it.

An Underrated Game.

Days Gone. It is not a The Last Of Us clone. Yes, it is a zombie survival adventure game, set in a post apocalyptic America, but I would argue it has more in common with Mad Max than The Last of Us. I feel like Days Gone was not given the attention it deserved. Its is a solid game for the PS4 library and I will keep talking about it until Sony announces a sequel.

Your Guilty Pleasure Game.

I was struggling to think of any game I would classify as a guilty pleasure, then I remembered The Typing of the Dead: Overkill. If you’ve played it, you will understand why this would fall in the guilty pleasure catergory. If you haven’t played it, just check its Steam store page. I will say, it isn’t appropriate for children and leave it at that.

A Game Based On A Movie.

I haven’t played a game based on a movie for a long time. I think the last one I played was Eragon on Playstation 2. It was a pretty average game, if I recall correctly, but there was a co-op mode and my brother and I would take turns playing as the dragon.

A Game With An Awesome Soundtrack.

Image source: Persona 4 Golden‘s Steam store page.

There are so many games with such great soundtracks but I’m going to say I love Persona 4‘s soundtrack. Some of the tracks have a habit of getting stuck in my head!

A Game With Awesome Artwork.

This is a tough one, as there are some amazing looking games! I think I will go with Concrete Genie. It has an unusual art style and the fact the art is part of the gameplay and storymakes it even more special. As Ash, you create the genies and bring your artwork to life, in order to restore your town. Concrete Genie is a unique game that more PS4 players need to try.

A Game With Awesome Voice Acting.

I’m going to go with Dragon Age: Origins. The cast of characters were one of the game’s best elements.

A Game Best Played On Controller.

I’ll be honest, I prefered playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivionon my Xbox360 with a controller, than on PC with a mouse and keyboard. Yes, I’m weird.

A Game Best Played On Mouse And Keyboard.

I don’t have specific examples for this one, but any strategy games like a Total War game or Age of Empires, would be really difficult on a controller.

An Upcoming Game You’re Excited For.

This is pretty obvious, but I’m excited for Cyberpunk 2077. Combining two genres I love, cyberpunk and RPGs, is always going to get me excited.

And that was the 30 Games Tag! I tried my best to avoid repeating the same games and I don’t think I did too badly. If you are able to, please check out Stacey’s responses on her blog. Let me know your responses in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!

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