Humble Choice – November’s Picks.

We’ve reached November, which means we’re almost at the end of 2020! So, let’s take a look at the penultimate Humble Choice picks.

Darksiders III.

Well, this month is already off to a good start with the hack and slash game, Darksiders III. In Darksiders III you take on the role of Fury, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, who has been tasked with defeating the seven deadly sins. Darksiders IIIhas been sitting on my Wishlist for some time now, as I don’t love the series enough to buy the game at full price, but now I’m excited to be able to give this apocalyptic action game a go!

Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Speaking of games on my wishlist, the second game for this month has also been on Steam wishlist for some time! Yakuza Kiwami 2 lets you become Kazuma Kiryu, a man who thought he had left the yakuza way of life behind, but one assassination is all it takes to drag him back into the war between the yakuzas. Like the rest of the Yakuza series, Yakuza Kiwami 2 doesn’t always take itself too seriously but manages to differentiate itself from the other criminal gang games out there.

Imperator: Rome- Deluxe Edition.

Stepping away from the actions games, the next game is a grand startgey game called Imperator: Rome. Set during the Hellenic period, the period of history after Alexander the Great, in Imperator: Rome, you are placed in charge of one of the factions living in the mediterranean. You will have to engage in trade managment, politics and warfare to prove that you are a worthy successor of Alexander the Great. Imperator: Rome is another game that has been on Steam wishlist, so I’m very excited to be able to add this game to my library!

Crying Suns.

Moving from the past to the future, we have up next, Crying Suns. Crying Sunsis a tactical rogue-lite games, in which you are Admiral Ellys Idaho, humanity’s last hope. You have been tasked with locating a research facility on a lost planet, which may the hold the answers to prevent humanity’s extinction. So, no pressure. Th ething that really interests me about Crying Suns, is that it is inspired by Dune and Foundation, two incredible sci-fi book series. This alone intrigues me enough to want to give Crying Suns a go.


Another genre shift and another game that was on my wishlist! I’m doing seriously well this month for games that I want! Darksburg is a fantasy themed co-op action game, in which you and up to three others team up to defeat the undead hordes that are attacking the town of Darksburg. Darksburg looks like one of those crazy co-op games that you and a group of friends could just have some silly fin with. So, if you are looking for a new co-op game, then Darksburg may be worth a look.

Little Misfortune.

OK, who at Humble has been looking at my Steam wishlist?! We are at the halfway point and yet another game, that has been on my wishlist for a little while, is one of the November Choices. Little Misfortune is a point and click adventure game, in which you follow Misfortune Ramirez Hernandez as she tries to find Eternal Happiness to give as a gift to her mother. The thing I’m excited about is that this game was developeed by the creators of Fran Bow, the point and click adventure game that got me intereste in the genre. If you are interested in Little Misfortune there is a demo on Steam that you can try.

Smile For Me.

Sticking with the quirky games, we have Smile For Me. In this game, you are tasked with helping the people of Habitat. Like with many games you are a silent protangonist, but don’t worry, you can still respond to the other characters by nodding and shaking your head. Smile For Me looks like its a rather unique point and click adventure game, with a bright colourful art style and interesting game mechanics. I’ll definitely be trying this game out!


Moving away from bright, colourful games to a much darker one, we have the rather aptly named, Darkwood. Darkwood is a top-down survival horror game, in which you must gather resources during the day and try to survive the horrors lurking in the night. Looking at the reviews on Steam, the game is praised for its atmosphere and the way it doesn’t rely on jump scares to scare the players. Although I don’t normally want to play horror games, I do love psychological and atmospheric horror novels and films, so I may try and be brave and give Darkwood a go.


Tsioque, pronounced chiock, is a point and click adventure that seriously reminds me of Dragon’s Lair, which makes senseas it apparently was an inspiration for the developers. In Stioque, you play Princess Tsioque, who is trapped in a castle taht is overrun with an evil wizard and his army. Naturally, chaos ensues as you try to escape. I love Tsioque‘s art style and the fact that its a point and clickj adventure means that will be making its way into my Steam library.

Rover Mechanic Simulator.

For this next game, we are shifting genres from fantasy to sci-fi! In Rover Mechanic Simulator, you are responsible for repairing and maintaing the rovers used in a Martian colony. There is a management element to the game as you have to manage your resources; as well as there being some form of skill system, as you can specialize in certain areas of rover maintenance. Rover Mechanic Simulator is in Early Access, at the moment, on Steam but it looks like it could be quite a unique simulator.


The second to last game for this month is Youropa, a puzzle platformer. In Youropa, you a play a You, who must explore a floating city in order to find your place in the world. Don’t worry, your gravity defying ability to climb walls and ceilings should come in handy to do this! I generally suck at platformers but Youropa looks so charming and unique that I will at least try this game.

Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt.

And the final game for November is a city builder called Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt. This game looks like a pretty standard medieval city builder and it is giving off some The Settlers vibes. Looking at the Steam reviews it would appear that this is a port of a mobile game, however some of the reviews have said that this is a port that is done well. Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt is currently on sale on Steam, so if you like city builders, it may be worth a look.

And those were the November choices! I think this month has been the best month for Humble Choice picks, at least for me, as five of the games are on my Steam wishlist and the all the rest of the games I would be happy to play or at least try out. Are there any games here that interest you? Let me know in the comments below and join me next month for the last Humble Choice of 2020! See you then!

3 thoughts on “Humble Choice – November’s Picks.

  1. I so wanted this month’s for Kiwami 2 and Darksiders 3 alone. But alas, I’m having to give up on bundles entirely. I feel so much bizarre pressure from my steam backlog, and the thought of adding more to it, even things I really want, stresses me out. Which is kind of ridiculous, because they’re just names on a list until I choose to make them more, but still, that’s the way my brain works apparently.

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    1. That’s fair enough. I’ve long accepted that my gaming backlog will exsist, no matter how hard I try and reduce it. Sometimes I feel a little guilty there are some great games that I just haven’t gotten around to playing yet but I know one day I’ll play them. One day.

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