Gaming in August & September.

Since, I’ve been a way for a little while, let me update you on the gaming I have been doing these past couple of months!

Let’s start with a very quick update for the MMOs I play. Well, with Elder Scrolls Online I have made very little progress since July. I’ve been playing the PvP with a friend of mine, but we are terrible at it. I did manage to kill a player with Volendrung… before being killed. Still, it was pretty coll getting to use that weapon, at least once. As for Final Fantasy XIV, my boyfriend and I have made progress in the Heavensward expansion. We have just finished The Vault dungeon for the first time. But more importantly, we can now use flying mounts!

Speaking of Final Fantasy, in August I finished Final Fantasy VII. OK, I definitly see why so many people love this game, my boyfriend included. The plot doesn’t hold back on the emotional punches, especially on one particularly famous cut scene. There was also a plot twist that took me by surprise and it was reallt well done, with hints to the twist placed throughout the game. In the end, I didn’t platnium FF7, as I didn’t get the Knights of teh Round materia, level up a character to level 99 or face some of the optional bosses. Towards the end, I was starting to feel a little burnt out, so I decided to finish the game rather than go for 100% completion. Still, I loved Final Fantasy VII and would recomended it… but it still hasn’t taken Final Fantasy X‘s spot as my favourite Final Fantasy game!

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In September, I did manage to get two platinum trophies. I know, I spent five years without a single platinum trophy and then in three months, I earnt three! The first was for inFamous Second Son. This was, in fact, the first PS4 game that I played, just over five years ago. I wanted a game that had a less intense storyline and one I could just have a bit of fun in. I had already played through inFamous Second Son on normal difficulty, choosing the good karma options, so I thought why not try the bad karma options on expert difficulty? It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and I had an absolute blast revisiting Seattle.

The third platinum trophy I earnt was for Concrete Genie, a PS4 exclusive, in which you play as Ash, a young artist trying to bring his city back to life with his art. The special thing about his art, it comes to life. I loved Concrete Genieand I felt that it was like Days Gone, in that its an under appreciated gem on the PS4. Yes, the story isn’t unique and it doesn’t take long to finish; but the game is just charming and a great one to play in between the bigger games.

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And that’s all the games I’ve played in August and September! At the moment, I am playing inFamous First Light on my PS4 and I’ve just picked Fire Emblem: Three Houses back up. What have you guys been playing? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll talk to you soon!

6 thoughts on “Gaming in August & September.

  1. Been on a kind of a break from City of Heroes… partly because I was ready for one, party because Kerbal Space Program dropped a new update and I was ready to play it for a while.

    I’ve got all the pieces in place for a long campaign game of KSP, but I keep coming to the brink and stepping back. One of the things I want to do is a documented campaign, either in the forums or on a blog. But that’s a TON of work, and so I keep stepping back because diving into that would mean putting other things on the back burner that I’m not willing to give up.

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    1. I have never played Kerbal Space Program, is it good? I understand the reluctance to commit to documenting a campaign; I keep toying with the idea of documenting a game of Skyrim, but its a pretty big commitment. Is it something you could do gradually, rather than in one go, to reduce the workload?

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      1. It’s quite good, especially if you like simulator games. Or just like building stuff that sometimes flies or sometimes blows up.

        No, to do it the I want to, you can’t do it gradually. It’s got to be done right from the start and worked into every play session. (Keeping notes, taking the appropriate screenshots/videos, etc…) And kinda like seasonal anime coverage, you have to keep your writing/positing in sync with your campaign… Not writing/positing as you go just gets you into an ever deepening hole of backlog.

        I could simplify, but that wouldn’t meet my goals for what I want to do…

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      2. I might have to take a look at Kerbal Space Program, even if I’m not that great at building things…
        That’s fair enough. I guess that’s a project to put on the back burner for the time being. There’s no point rushing something or trying to cut corners.

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