Video Game Music Challenge- Days 27, 28 & 29.

Yes, I messed a little. Unfortunately, I was working at the weekend and I didn’t anticipate the time I would need to write these three posts. So, its your guys’ lucky day, as it going to be another three days in one post!

Day 27: Music From A Handheld Video Game.

I love handheld consoles and some of my earliest, and fondest, memories come from playing my GameBoy Color. The games that come to mind when thinking about music from a handheld video game, are the Pokemon series. If I was to pick, it would be a close call between the first and second generation. Overall, I love Pokemon Silver and it is still one of my favourite games to this day but the nostalgia is strong today, so I have to go with Pokemon Yeloow‘s soundtrack.

Day 28: Music That Makes You Nostalgic.

Honestly?! I mean, if you been reading these challenge posts then you can probably guess most of the contenders: Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Silver and Final Fantasy X. But there is one other game, whose soundtrack is guaranteed to give me the nostalgic feelings, that is Spyro: Year of the Dragon. This is the third Spyro game, but it was the first game I ever played on the Playstation One. I remember playing Spyro: Year of the Dragon for the first time and being amazed by the 3D graphics.

29. Final Boss Music.

OK, we are nearing the end of this thirty day video game challenge and what happens when you near the end of a video game? You have to face the final boss of course! This is actually a tough one for me because if you know me then you are probably aware, I’m terrible at finishing games. Seriously, I get way too distracted by other video gamee- ot took me five years to actually finish the main questline of Skyrim! Still, after much thought, I did come up with two that are pretty epic, making them fitting for the final boos battle music.

The first is the Champion Battle Theme from Pokemon Goldand Silver. The set up is perfect, you are the young trainer who has earnt the badges and so the right to face the Pokemon Champion, the best trainer in the game. If you have prepared the right team of Pokemon, then this is going to be a tough fight. The music fits the fight so well- its fats paced, with moments that sound frantic and out of control.

The second is Vs. Final Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts 2. Kingdom Hearts 2 is a game with one of the best crossovers possible as it combines the Final Fantasy characters with the worlds of Disney. Naturally, such an epic premise shoud have an epic finale. The music for this confrontation with Xemnas, is orchestral, haunting and at point intense.

So, there were my repsonses for best handheld video game music, nostalgic music and final boss battle music. What are you favourites? Let me know in the comments and join me tomorrow, for the final post, when I’ll be talking about my favourite credits music. See you then!

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