Video Game Music Challenge- Day 26: Music From A Video Game I Haven’t Played.

OK, so this is a hard one, as I don’t listen to videogame soundtracks until I’ve played the game its associated with, as sometimes the soundtracks can give some minor spoilers about the game. Still, I’ve managed to think of two that I can talk about today, so let’s check them out!

This first is a pretty iconic and easily recognisable track. Its One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII. Yes, I know. I haven’t played Final Fantasy VII… yet. In fact, its the next game I’m going to play after I finish with Days Gone. Still, One-Winged Angel is one of those tracks thateven I can recognise, with the vocals and repeated tune. Its fitting that one of the most recognisable antagonists from the Final Fantasy series gets an equally iconic tune.

The second one is not just one track but actually the entire soundtrack and that’s the soundtrack for Ori and the Blind Forest. I’ll admit, I’m a terrible person for not yet playing this game- one day I’ll play it, I promise. This game’s whole soundtrack is just magical and reminds me of the classic Disney films that I love. Even though I have yet to play the game, its soundtrack has made it onto my Spotify video game soundtrack playlist!

Wow, we’ve reached the end of one of these challenge posts without me mentioning Final FAntasy X or an Assassin’s Creed game! Now, I’m handing the question to you guys, is there a video game soundtrack that you like to listen to but you have yet to play the video game? Let me knwo in the comments and joing me tomorrow, when I’ll be talking about music from handheld games. See you then!

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