Video Game Music Challenge- Day 19: Cover Of Music By A Different Artist.

Today’s post is all about music covers and whilst I don’t listen to a lot of covers, there are two singers that I want to talk about.

The first is Jonathan Young, a muscian and singer that likes to cover songs that range from video games to Disney. One thing that I really like about his music is how he changes up the music genre for the cover, for example his version of the Skyrim Theme has been givena more metal sound. Take a listen!

The other artist I want to talk about does more straight forward covers and that is AmaLee. She tends to focus more on translating anime songs into english but she has also covered some songs from some video games including The Edge of Dawn from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and 1000 Words from Final Fantasy X-2.

There were a selection of covers that I enjoy listening to. Share your favourites in the comments and join me tomorrow, when I’ll be sharing my favourite music from racing games. See you then!

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