Video Game Music Challenge- Day 12: Music That Makes You Sad.

One of the reasons I loke video games is how they can evoke such strong emotion from the players, from happiness to anger, from fear to sadness. In some ways, video games can engage its audience more emotively than other forms of entertainment. Today, I’m going to be talking about the video game music that makes me sad.

OK, there is no way of escaping it but of course I would have to mention Final Fantasy X in a post about sad music. After all, a game about a world caught in a continual cycle of death and destruction, as well as focussing on a relationship that quite honestly defied the odds, was going to have some sad tracks.

Image source: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster‘s Steam store page.

So, there are quite a few tracks from Final Fantasy X I could choose, but I’m going to stick to two. The first is Zanarkand, the first track that you will hear in the game. Whilst it has a melancholic sound, its not really until you’ve played the game and then got back to re-play it, taht you appreciate how this track sets the tone fo rth whole game. Its an easily recognisable track, that desrves it place as one of my favourite piece of music.

The other track is also iconic and well know from the game, Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t It Wonderful?). This track features at a significant point in the story, a moment that is bittersweet for the player. On one hand, Tidus and Yuna’s relationship reaches a certain point but this moment is dampened with the knowledge of what is to come. Another quiet track that reflects the mood of the scene incredibly well.

The final track is from Dragon Age 2. Th etrack is called Hawke Family Theme and when you intially hear it , it doesn’t evoke sadness. But after certain events that happen in the game and you return to the Hawke estate, the track takes on quite a lonely feeling. Dragon Age 2may not be the most loved out of the Dragon Age games but it certainly has its emotional moments.

There were some tracks from video games that make me sad. What video game soundtracks make you sad? Let me know in the comments and I’l talk to you soon!

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