Video Game Music Challenge- Day 8. Music From A Shooter (First of Third Person).

Today is going to be a pretty short post as I don’t really play shooter games, so my choices were a little limited; which is a way makes this a little easier on me! So without further ado, let’s take a look at the game I picked!

As i mentioned above, I haven’t really played that many first or third person shooters, so I’ll go with one of the games that I really enjoyed, Far Cry 3.

Image source: Far Cry 3’s Steam store page.

Far Cry 3 was my introduction to the Far Cry series and what an introduction! You play as Jason Bordy a young tourist who, along with his friends, is kidnapped by Vaas and his gang. After joining with the Rakyat, Jason must free the island of Vaas and rescue his friends. The setting of the game and its incredible antagonist, Vaas, is what really sold the game tome. Yes, I wasn’t too good at it to beging with- I blame the Komodo dragons, but it was one of those games that pulled you in and you lost hours to it. Its soundtrack is perfectly suited to it, combining some tracks suited for the shooting sections with others that better suited for the more… ‘trippy’ parts.

Now, its over to you guys! I would love to have some recommendations for soundtracks from some other shootersm as this is a genre I don’t normally play. So let me know your suggestions in the comments below and join me tomorrow when I’ll be talking about music from a licensed game. See you then!

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