Have You Ever? Gaming Edition.

I noticed on a couple of blogs that I read, that bloggers were writing their responses for a gaming version of Have You Ever? and I thought it was such a cool idea, I thought I would give it a go! This version was created by Michelle, over at A Geek Girl’s Guide, so please gocheck out her responses. OK, let’s take a look atHave Your Ever? gaming edition!

Rage quit a game?

Yep, on a couple of occassions. The one that really stuck in my mind was Assassin’s Creed III. I bought this game on release day and was really excited to get stuck into the next installment of one of my favourite gaming franchises. Although the game was a little slow and buggy, Iwas doing fine… until I hit the sailing sections. These clunky and difficult missions not only had you fighting your enemies navy but your ship controls as well. After failing the same mission several times, I quit Assassin’s Creed III and didn’t return to it until 2018, when I suffered played through it on PC.

Those damn ship missions…
Image source: Assassin’s Creed III Remastered‘s Steam store page.

Earned all achievements in a game?

Only four games and all have been on PC: Fran Bow, Her Story, Stories Untold and Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2. I’m not really an achievement hunter but if there is a game I enjoy, then I will try and get as many of the achievements as I can… until I get distracted by another game.

Pulled an all-nighter gaming?

Honestly, no. I’ve stayed up until 4am with games like Total War: Medieval II and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion but I’ve always been able to get a few hours sleep, so I guess they don’t count.

Livestreamed your gaming?

Only once, on Twitch, that was Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China. I had a week off work and thought it would be fun to give it a go. Unfortunately my Internet speed isn’t really up forstreaming, so it will be a while before I try again. Still, the experience gave me a greater appreciation for those people who do stream- its a lot harder than it looks!

Pre-ordered a game?

Yep, several times. The first time I pre-ordered a game was back in 2011, when I pre-ordered The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimfor the Xbox 360, a purchase I did not regret. My most recent pre-order was Kingdom Hearts III, which was a purchase that… let’s just say did not live up to my expectations.

I remember walking into Riverwood for the first time on 11th November 2011…
Image source: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition‘s Steam store page.

Bought a game and never played it?

What?! Bought a game and never played it? Never!…OK, yes this has happened to me and yes, its has happened recently. I have a backlog problem and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Been jumpscared by a horror game?

OK, I have a problem with horror games. I love the genre, I just can’t play them. Mainly because of the jump scares. The last time I played a horror game was back in Ocotber last year, when Khinjarsi challenged me to play Outlast. I lasted a total of thirteen minutes, before a jump scare made me quit the game and uninstall it.

Had a set squad for a specific game?

Not really. I try and play around with team and squads each time I play a game. Although, I will always have Yuna in Final Fantasy X party and Eevee will always be in my party, regardless of what Pokemon game I’m playing.

Bought a game on multiple platforms?

….Yes. I currently own Final Fantasy X on Playstation 2, Playstation 4, Steam and Playstation Vita. And yes, I want to buy it for my Nintendo Switch as well.

My favourite game of all time…
Image source: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster‘s Steam store page.

Got a console for the games specifically?

I absolutely did not buy my Nintendo Switch because Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee! was jsut released and I could finally have Eevee as my starter Pokemon. Nope, that totally did not happen.

And that was Have You Ever? gaming edition. A huge thank you to Michelle for creating this. If you have a spare moment, please check out her blog, A Geek Girl’s Guide; also a shout out to Hobbits of Hyrule who had some great responses tothese questions. If you want to try this version of Have You Ever, here are the questions:

  • Rage quit a game?
  • Earned all achievements in a game?
  • Pulled an all-nighter gaming?
  • Livestreamed your gaming?
  • Pre-ordered a game?
  • Bought a game and never played it?
  • Been jumpscared by a horror game?
  • Had a set squad for a specific game?
  • Bought a game on multiple platforms?
  • Got a console for the games specifically?

Let me know what your responses would be and I’ll talk to you soon!

One thought on “Have You Ever? Gaming Edition.

  1. Rage quit a game?

    No, because the type of games I play don’t generally lead to such. I *have* rage quit games (as in a save or a session I.E. of Master of Orion or Civilization) where too many random events pile up against me, it’s clear I’m going to lose, etc…

    In CoH (City of Heroes) my general rule is to stick with a team until the end of a mission because it’s uncool to quit in midstream… But I have ragequit in mid mission a couple of times because of the sheer incompetence of the team. That’s the risk of PUGing (Pick Up Groups)… You never know what kind of team you’re joining or the quality of leadership.

    Earned all achievements in a game?

    No, nor have I seriously tried. I do halfheartedly chase badges (which amount to achievements in CoH) sometimes.

    Pulled an all-nighter gaming?


    Livestreamed your gaming?

    No, though I thought about it a couple of times.

    Pre-ordered a game?

    Depends on how you count things. Pre-ordered a TON of expansions, and have taken part in several early-access programs on Steam… But never actually a game itself.

    Bought a game and never played it?

    Let’s just pretend you never asked that question.

    Been jumpscared by a horror game?

    Don’t play that kind of game.

    Had a set squad for a specific game?

    I have specific ship builds I aim for at various technology stages in MOO… And a fixed set of squad roles in Xenonauts (though the people who fill those roles rotate for training purposes).

    In CoH, I have a couple of characters I tend to play if I’m just logged on to PUG because they can slot into almost any group and aren’t quite as bound by difficulty level. (A melee type can fail badly on a high level team with high difficulty settings… A controller or a defender is easier to play in those circumstances.)

    Bought a game on multiple platforms?

    I think the closest I’ve come is buying Sim City for the C64 and then later for the PC. There may be a couple of others, but I don’t really recall. I’ve been strictly a PC gamer since the early 90’s.

    Got a console for the games specifically?

    Nope. I’ve never even owned a console of my own. Have bought a couple as gifts for my wife and watched her play games, but that’s about it. (She was heavy into consoles for a while, but now it’s just her tablet.)

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