A Year Of My Life In Games- 2006.

Today, there is only one game I will be talking about. Sure, there were several games released in 2006 that could have made this post, like Wii Sports and Kingdom Hearts II. These were also great games that hold a special place in my gamer heart; however the game I will be talking about, is up there with Final Fantasy X when it comes to how influencedme as a gamer. And that game is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion was my first Elder Scrolls game and what an introduction to the series! In Oblivion, you end up getting embroiled in a quest to save Tamriel after you witness the assassination of the emperor, whilst escaping from prison. Let me tell you, the moment you step out of the sewer and into Tamriel, it is a breathtaking moment.

Image source: Neogaf.

OK, Oblivion is showing its age from a graphical standpoint but back in 2006, this was visually amasozing. Graphics aside, Oblivion showed how epic an open world RPG can be. Aside from the main story, you can take part in a gladiator arena, become an assassin, become a vampire or enter a painted world. The side and faction quests had amaziong and unique plots that took unexpected turns, like when you are asked to look for someone’s missing daughter in the Shadow over Hackdirt quest. It took me a long time to stop getting distracted by side quests and actually finish the main story and when you are finished with the main story, you can jump into one of the best expansion I’ve played, The Shivering Isles.

Image source: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion‘s Steam store page.

That’s not to say that Obliviondidn’t have issues. There were plenty of bugs and glitches… and lets not talk about the horse armour DLC. But for the issues that the game had, its charm and ambition made up for it. For me, Oblivion showed that western RPGs could be just as epic and ambitious as JRPGs. It is also the game that I’ve played the most, easily pushing several hundred hours on my Xbox 360 copy and I don’t regret spewnding some much time with it.

So, what games released in 2006 did you play? Did you fall in love with Oblivion, like I did? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “A Year Of My Life In Games- 2006.

    1. Skyrim is not a bad place to start the series, I tried playing Twilight Princess on the Wii but I’m not sure what happened, but I just couldn’t get into it. It wouldn’t be until Breath of the Wild, that I would get into the Zelda series.


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  2. Sorry for the late response… been meaning to, but kept forgetting….

    Christmas of 2006 my wife gave me City of Heroes, so the next few years will be dominated by that… And someday I need to finish my story of UO, and talk about my year in YPP! – but first, The Sims 2. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sims_2)

    Long story short, I was a fanatic. Bought the game when it came out because I’d recently picked up The Sims and loved it. Spent tons of time on Sims 2 forums, and mod sites.

    The big deal with Sims 2 is that your Sims were born, lived, and died within the game. Along the way they could marry, and have kids. (And you could marry NPC’s as well as other played characters.) Or not marry and have kids. Or adopt kids… All kinds of things were possible.

    So I set up a neighborhood and seeded it with five starter households via a random events table I’d set up. I also set up a life events random table in case I couldn’t decide for myself, and to prevent my storylines falling into a rut. (The game also generated random life goals and short term aspirations for each Sim, which also guided me.) I also had a spreadsheet for tracking each family and when I’d last played them. I played each household for four ingame days, and then moved onto the next to keep them all synched together. (Depending on various factors, an individual Sim would naturally live around 90-120 ingame days.)

    By the end, I had fifty odd households and I was up to the sixth or seventh generation.

    And yes, after about ten (real life) years – about 2015 there came an end. My hard drive crashed. And I discovered that my backup batch file hadn’t been backing up my game data directory. And even if it had been, I hadn’t run it in almost two years. (Lost a ton of photographs too, and as a photographer that HURT.)

    I haven’t touched the game since. And I’ve been religious about backups ever since.

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    1. Ah, The Sims 2. Now, that’s a game that I lost many hours of life to. There was something about the drama that was my Sims’ lives that just drew me into it.
      I completely feel you on the loss of your data. I remember being paranoid with PS1 and PS2 memory cards, as save data would occassionally get corrupted. I remember accidentally saving over my FFX playthrough after putting 50 hours into it, so I completely understand how a loss of game can hurt. Its unfortunate that its only after you lose your save dtaa that you become obssessed with back ups…

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