Gaming in December

OK, this is my last post about 2019, I promise! Despite December being one of the busiest months of the year for, I was still able to get some gaming done. Let’s take a look at the games I played!

Elder Scrolls Online.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t made much progress in the actual game, I was mainly participating in the New Life Festival event. I’m please to say, I was able to get the Snow Indrik mount, the matching pet and also the Indrik mount I missed out on earlier in the year. I actually enjoyed collecting these mounts, as it felt like I was working towards something whilst completing the seasonal events. I hope that Elder Scrolls Online will do something similar in 2020, but with a different set of mounts. Also, I am hoping that this year, I will be able to make some more headway with the actual game. Fingers crossed!

Pokemon Sword.

Image source: Nintendo.

Throughout December, I’ve been picking up Pokemon Sword and gradually making my way through the Galar region. If you’ve read my Top Ten Games of 2019 post, then you already know I love this game. The region really does look like it was inspired by the UK, the Wild area is a huge delightful time sink and I have definitely fallen in love with some of the new Pokemon designs. Pokemon Sword probably won’t win any awards for innovation but I certainly have felt that I have gotten value for my money. I’ve just beaten the last gym leader, so it won’t take me long to finish the rest of story and start looking at the end game content.

Strange Brigade.

Early in December, I finished the main campaign for Strange Brigade. I had an absolute blast playing an adventurer from the 1930s trying to stop a resurrected evil. Although I believe this game is more entertaining if you are playing with friends.

We Were Here.

Speaking of games that better with friends, I also completed We Were Here, a cooperative game similar to an escape room experience. This was a nice short game, that didn’t outstay its welcome, that also had a very creative concept. In order to escape the castle, you have to communicate with the other player, as you have the solutions to their puzzles and vice versa. We Were Here was only a couple of hours long but I enjoyed the experience so much, I do want to play its sequels at some point.

Two Point Hospital.

Image source: Two Point Hospital’s Steam store page.

In the middle of December, I wanted a break from the more story heavy games and I decided to dip back into Two Point Hospital. This game is the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital. Its not a serious hospital simulator but its tongue in cheek humour and terrible puns won me over from day one. Two Point Hospital isn’t a game I intend to finish soon but instead, I’ll use it as a change of pace between other games that have a more serious tone.

Grim Dawn.

Image source: Grim Dawn’s Steam store page.

The next game I’ve playing is actually my Backlog Attack game for December, Grim Dawn. This is an action RPG that is similar to Diablo. I’ve only played it for three hours and I can tell that is going to be one of those big games that is going to take a while to complete. That’s not a bad thing, as the backstory of the world is fascinating and I love the huge amount of customisation I can do with my character. Grim dawn is definitely a game I’ll be playing into 2020.


A video game legend.

The final game that I played in December is a game that needs no introduction- Skyrim. Whilst I’ve completed Skyrim on my Xbox 360, I didn’t realised until last month that I had not completed my PC version, which I naturally then wanted to do. So far, I’ve yet to make my way to see the Greybeards, joined the Stormcloaks and I’m currently travelling to Riften to start the Dark Brotherhood questline. Yes, I’ve already gotten distracted. Don’t worry it only took about four years to complete the main story ion my Xbox 360 version…

And those were the games I played in December! Overall, I don’t think I did too badly, considering how busy the month was for me. What games have you guys been playing? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk you soon!

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    1. Thanks! It sounds a lot more impressive than it is. I’ve been working my way through Strange Brigade for about five months and We Were Here is a very short game. Still, this year I really do want to finish some of the games I play…

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