MMO Seasonal Event- Final Fantasy XIV: All Saint’s Wake 2019.

Hallowe’en is upon us again, which means all the MMOs are holding special spooky themed events to celebrate. Today, we are taking a look at Final Fantasy XIV’s Hallowe’en event, All Saint’s Wake.

How do you take part in the event?

Image source: Lodestone.

You take part in the All Saint’s Wake event if your character is level 15 in a Disciple of War or Magic class/job. That character must also have completed the quest ‘Its Probably Pirates’. If your character fulfils these conditions head over to Old Gridania, near the amphitheatre and speak to the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator who will give you the quest ‘Fear and Delight’.

What is the event?

Like with previous All Saint’s Wake events, you will find yourself running around Gridania trying to spread the spooky holiday feeling. This year’s quest is all themed around The Continental Circus’ newest member, an ahriman. The quest itself did not take that long to complete, it only took me fifteen minutes.

Aside from the main quest, you can also earn cookies from completing the Haunted Manor; which is the same event as in as previous years-your party has to work together to solve puzzles in a set amount of time. You can exchange these cookies for prizes with the Shady Smock. Finally, you can attend a masquerade in which an imp can (temporarily) change your appearance to one of the NPCs in the game.

What are the rewards?

Image source: Lodestone.

The main rewards is the Circus Ahriman mount which is suitably Hallowe’en themed with its orange colour scheme and witch’s hat. I really like this mount and although it doesn’t beat the Starlight Bear mount, it is one of the better seasonal mounts that you can obtain. ‘

Aside from the mount, if you complete the Haunted Manor, you will earn some cookies that you can exchange for the pumpkin carriage outdoor furniture, a poster to put in your house and pumpkin themed magicked prisms. I’ll be honest none of these really appeal to me as I don’t own a house and I don’t really use magicked prisms. Still, if you wanted Hallowe’en themed furniture for your house, then these might be worth a look.

Final Words.

Overall, I enjoyed All Saint’s Wake. The quest was fun and didn’t take too long to complete. The main reward, the mount, made the event definitely worth completing. The optional events also allow you to have some more Hallowe’en fun if the main quest wasn’t enough. I would highly recommend Final Fantasy XIV players to take part in this year’s All Saint’s Wake event.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, you have until 14:59 (GMT) on Friday 1st November to complete it. If you have already taken part, let me know what you think of the event in the comments below!

Featured image came from FFXIV wiki.

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