Thero’s Recommended Gaming: Stardew Valley.

With summer now well and truly here, I thought this would be a great time to recommend a more chilled out game for people to play, Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is a farming sim set in the fantasy world of Stardew VAlley. You have decided to get away from a soul destroying corporate job and instead rebuild your grandfather’s farm. Along the way, you will make friends with the locals, explore caves and become a master angler. Trust me, there is plenty of things to do in this game!

Image source: Stardew Valley’s Steam store page.

The great thing about Stardew Valley is that you are free to do whatever you want. In fact, if you didn’t want to farm, then you could hunt monsters in the cave or collect items for the museum. You can also play the game alone or with friends! This is one of those games that actually lives up to the idea of playing a game your way.

Image source: Stardew Valley’s Steam store page.

So, if this summer, you want a break from the more action heavy games, then I highly recommend you play Stardew Valley.

Featured image came from Stardew Valley Steam store page.

10 thoughts on “Thero’s Recommended Gaming: Stardew Valley.

    1. I’ll be honest, I found it to be quite consuming. If you’re someone who keeps thinking ‘just one more go’ and then finding its three hours later, then this game maybe one that you will have difficulty putting down. But it is worth a go, when you have time…


  1. Oh yes, got 77 hours in this game (not too much). It’s so beautiful! Modded it abit, to have a more detailed relationship story with more dialogues 🙂 (Sebastian, to be specific ;p)
    And also used a reshade.
    Well, I love modding and such, tho I did only slightly on this one.

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      1. I’d say the dialogue enhancement was definitely worth it.
        “Automate” might be considered abit of a cheat, but I used it, because at some time all the work can become quite tedious, and that one would automate some processes, when machines stand side by side together.
        Or the enb to give the game more natural colors.
        But in the end it’s all personal preferences, Would simply browse abit in Stardew Valley hasn’t too many mods anyway (unlike other games *cough* Skyrim.. *cough*)

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