A Year Of My Life In Games- 2000.

We have finally reached the year 2000! This is a bit of a turning point in my hobby of playing video games, mainly that you will start to see more games be featured. I guess you could say, this was year when I started to see gaming as a hobby rather than a way to waste time. Let’s take a long at what I was playing!

2000 was the year that I received my very own handheld games console. Sure, there my family had consoles, but they were for everyone to share but on Christmas day, I received my much loved Gameboy Color. With my Gameboy I also received the first game for this post- Pokemon Yellow.

Image source: Nintendo.

Unfortunately for Pokemon fans living in Europe, with the early games we had to wait a year or two after everyone else could buy the games, even Australia had the games before Europe. This actually worked out well for me, as it was the first game for my new handheld console. And did I play that game to death. Little Thero worked just get sucked into the Pokemon worked and be immersed in it for hours on end. And yet despite how many hours I put into Pokemon Yellow, I never tired of it and is truly a game I love. Even now, just hearing the intro music hits me with a wave of nostalgia.

Image source: Old PC Gaming.

Next up is a game that needs little introduction, The Sims. As one of the first PC games I ever played, it certainly got me hooked on playing games on my PC… probably much to my parents dismay, especially with how much storage the game took up. If any game can claim to have a hand in developing my love for simulator games, The Sims certainly does.

Image source: crashmania.net.

The final game from 2000, is a party game called Crash Bash. When my parents bought a Playstation One, this game was bundled with it, which meant that my brother, sister and I played this game a lot. There was nothing really amazing about this game, it was just a handful of mini-games that were just fun to play. I think it was the fact that Crash Bash was just fun and something I played with the rest of my family, that makes the game stick in my mind.

And that was the games from 2000! What games do you love that were released in 2000? Let me know in the comments below. Join me next week, when I’ll be looking at year that had a couple of games that I particularly love. See you then!


4 thoughts on “A Year Of My Life In Games- 2000.

  1. There is a bit of a story attached to me playing The Sims. After I graduated high school and left home, every couple of years my grandmother used to randomly send me a check for my birthday/Christmas… (The two aren’t that far apart and she always got birthdays confused anyhow. If I got a card in summer, sometimes she was early for my next birthday, other times late for my last. It was a running family joke for decades.) This was a couple of years after The Sims had come out, and I had one of those checks burning a hole in my pocket when I spotted the game at Costco… I’d heard of it, and was interested, and picked it up. Ended up buying most of the expansions and playing the heck out of it.

    What I didn’t know at the time, was that would be the last such check… It wan’t much later that she had to be declared incompetent (she was eighty something and starting to slip mentally) and my mom, aunts, and uncles took over her finances.

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