A Year Of My Life In Games- 1999.

Its been a while since I last wrote a post for this series. In case you haven’t read any of the previous posts, I’ll explain what this is all about. ‘A Year Of My Life In Gamesis a series of posts which takes a look at the games that have had an impact or stood out to me. Each post focuses on a number of games that were released in a particular year.

As you can tell from the title of this post, we are up to the final year of the previous millennium. So, let’s take a look at the games that were released in 1999, that meant something to me!

Image source: Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe’s Steam store page.

The first game I want to talk about is the game that got me interested in tycoon games and management games in general- Rollercoaster Tycoon. OK, it doesn’t look as impressive today as it did then, but little Thero was obssessed with this game and its successor. The aim if the game was simple, successfully run a theme park. Of course that meant managing rides, staff and guests, which my younger self struggled with… OK and I still struggle with in other tycoon games today. Still, I can’t help but think fondly of Rollercoaster Tycoon, as it did pave the way for me to try out other tycoon games, like Zoo Tycoon.

Image source: old-games.com.

It seems like 1999 was the year of strategy and management games for me, as the other game from that year I want to talk about is Age of Empires II. After RPGs, the strategy genre is one of my favourites and it all started with Age of Empires. Now while I loved the first game, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings really sold me on the series. It took everything I enjoyed from the first game and improved it. For me, Age of Empires II is a great example of a video game sequel done well, which probably explains why it has stuck with me for so long.

So there were my two games from 1999. Unfortunately, most of the games I played didn’t released until the year 2000 and beyond. What games that were released in 1999 have stuck with you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

So, if you want to see what other games are important to me, join me next week, when I’ll be looking at the games released in 2000. See you then!

7 thoughts on “A Year Of My Life In Games- 1999.

    1. I loved Age of Mythology but I didn’t own a copy until I bought it on Steam a couple of years back, any other time had to play it on a friend’s computer. That’s probably why Age of Empires 2 has stuck with me more.
      The question is, which god did you choose to worship?

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  1. The big one for me would be Pokemon Silver and Gold. I played my copy of Silver to death until the next generation of Pokemon games came out. Discovering that once you beat the league you get to revisit Kanto blew my 8 year old mind to goo. I kind of wish other Pokemon games would have done something similar, but this being wholly unique to the second generation games will always make them stick in my brain.


    1. I love Pokemon Silver! To this day, it is one of my favourite Pokemon games and a great example of how a sequel to a video game should be done. Which was your favourite starter Pokemon?
      Unfortunately, Pokemon Silver/Gold wasn’t released in Europe until 2001. Don’t worry, it will make an appearance in the 2001 post…

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      1. At the time I really liked Cyndaquil, but over the years I’ve come to have a greater appreciation for Totadile. What was yours?

        Also, looks like I was a year off. It didn’t come out in NA until the year 2000. I dun goofed.


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