Gaming in May.

Here we are again, at the start of the another month! I have to say that I didn’t play as many games as I did back in April but let’s take a look at what I did manage to play…

OK, let’s kick off with the MMOs. In Elder Scrolls Online, the only thing I managed to do was earn the Shimmering Inddrik mount and pet, which were rewards for the 5 year anniversary of the game. I hoping in June to actually make some progress in the Reaper’s March zone. As for Final Fantasy XIV, I also managed to complete its special event, the crossover event with Final Fantasy XV.This basically turned me into a gambler for the month, as my character just lived in the Golden Saucer. Still, it was worth it, as I now own the Regalia!

I also managed to finish Assassin’s Creed Unity in May. This turned out to be an alright Assassin’s Creed game. It wasn’t the best in the series but it certainly wasn’t the worst. I also managed to complete the Dead Kings DLC which sort of finished Arno’s story.

As part of the Backlog challenge, I attempted to play I AM Bread, which I didn’t get very far in. You can read more about it over at Upon Completion. The only other game I played was Diablo 3 Eternal Collection on my Switch. I’m now playing through Act 5, so I don’t have much further to go. I think, for a change of pace, once I’ve finished the main campaign, I’m going to return to Octopath Traveller.

And that was all the games I played in May! I’ve actually got a little bit of time booked off this month, so I’m hoping to play a lot of video games. Check back next month to see what I managed to play!

4 thoughts on “Gaming in May.

  1. I don’t think I did that much gaming in May… Some diddling with Idol Manager when the monthly update came out, other than that the usual diddling with something I’ve played before.

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