April Humble Monthly… Unboxing?!

The April Humble Monthly Bundle has been released! Let’s take a look and see what games it contains…

1. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

Image source: Mutant Year Zero’s Steam store page.

The first game in the bundle is one of the revealed games, as well as one I already own. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a turn based strategy RPG, similar to the XCOM games. Set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world, in which only mutated beings have survived, your goal is to guide your group of mutants to the rumoured haven of Eden. The unique setting and unusual characters really appeal to me, the fact that its also a turn based game is the cherry on the cake!

Price on Steam: £29.99 (UK)/ $34.99 (US).


2. Northgard.

Image source: Northgard‘s Steam store page.

The next game in the bundle is also a strategy game that I own! Instead of a post-apocalyptic future, in Northgard we are taken back to the time of the Vikings. In this game, you are tasked with helping the Vikings found new settlements and survive. Ever since playing Age of Empires, I have always loved the city builder genre, so Northgard is perfect for me!

Price on Steam: £23.79 (UK)/ $29.99 (US).


3. Absolver.

Image source: Absolver‘s Steam store page.

Yay, finally a game I don’t own! Admittedly, Absolver isn’t normally a game that I would play but its unique enough that I would give it a go. In Absolver, you are attempting to prove your martial prowess and earn a place with the Absolvers. The unique point for the game is its fighting mechanics, in which you learn new techniques by fighting other people who know said techniques. A unique concept, that I will be giving a go in the future.

Price on Steam: £24.99 (UK)/ $29.99 (US).


4. Tannenberg.

Image source: Tannenberg‘s Steam store page.

The next game in the bundle is a first person shooter set in World War I called Tannenberg. Unsurprisingly, for a game called Tannenberg, the game focuses on the conflict on the eastern front between the Russians and Germans. While I’m not a huge fan of FPS games, I like the fact that this game is focusing on an area of the WWI conflict that doesn’t get as much coverage in other video games. As a history nut, its also nice to see the attention to detail in making the game historically accurate. If you like historical FPS games, then Tannenberg maybe worth a look.

Price on Steam: £15.49 (UK)/ $19.99 (US).


5. Minit.

Image source: Minit‘s Steam store page.

Minit is an adventure game with an interesting mechanic- each day only lasts a minute before you die and have to start again. This sounds equal part intriguing and frustrating, but intriguing enough for me to give this game a go. Plus the art style reminds me of some old Game Boy games, an added nostalgia bonus!

Price on Steam: £6.99 (UK)/ $9.98 (US).


6. She Remembered Caterpillars.

Image source: She Remembered Caterpillars‘ Steam store page.

OK, next up, we have the game that wins the prize for most unusual game title! She Remembered Caterpillars is an indie puzzle game all about matching colours… and caterpillars. I love the hand drawn art style, especially as its so colourful. This game looks like its easy to learn but difficult to master, so I’ll be giving it a go in the future.

Price on Steam: £8.99 (UK)/ $11.99 (US).


7. Steel Rats.

Image source: Steel Rats Steam store page.

The seventh game in the bundle an action platformer with a twist. Steel Rats is set in an alternative 1940’s USA, during a robot invasion. You play as the members of a biker gang, the Steel Rats, who are determined to protect their city from the invasion. Steel Rats looks like a fusion of the Trials  games and classic arcade action games. The concept is pretty unusual, so my curiosity is piqued and I’ll be giving this game a go. If you want to try it out, there is a demo available on Steam.

Price on Steam: £15.99 (UK)/ $19.99 (US).


8. Dandara.

Image source: Dandara‘s Steam store page.

The only way I can think of describing Dandara, is that its a metroidvania game with gravity defying game mechanics. Looking at the Steam reviews, it confirms my thoughts that this game is fast paced and hard. So, I guess if you’re looking for a metroidvania like game that will take some time to master, then this may be the game for you!

Price on Steam: £5.99 (UK)/ $7.49 (US).


9. A Short Hike.

And as always, the final game in the bundle is a Humble Original, a game unique to the bundle, called A Short Hike. I bet you can’t guess what this game is about? If you said hiking, then you are correct! The game has a nice look but I can’t say that a game where I play a bird hiking around a park really appeals to me. Still, it does look like one of the better Humble Originals out there.


And that was the April Bundle! I have to say this was a bit of a mixed bag, as there are some games I will probably play like  Minit and Steel Rats but there are also games like Dandara and Tannenberg that I probably won’t play anytime soon. Still, there was a good variety of different game genre this time, which is a huge positive. Which games in the bundle caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below!

May’s revealed game is Assassin’s Creed: Origins, which I can say I personally loved playing and would be a great point to jump into the Asassin’s Creed series. No worries if you don’t want to pay for the bundle, come back here next month and can see all the games included in the May bundle.

See you then!

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