MMO Seasonal Event- Final Fantasy XIV: Little Ladies’ Day 2019.

Spring is upon which in the world of Final Fantasy XIV means its time to celebrate Little Ladies Day, a day where all ladies are princesses. Let’s take a look at this unique event…

How do you take part in the event?

Image source: Lodestone.

Firstly, to take part your character must be at least level 15 in any of the Disciple of War or Magic class/job. If you meet those requirements, then head over to Ul’Dah (see map above) and speak the Unsettled Seneschal NPC to start the quest ‘Princess of Flowers’.


What is the event?

The event is actually pretty simple. A seneschal has lost the lady he is supposed to be watching and needs your help. As this is is a seasonal event, you can bet it isn’t going to be that simple. Be prepared to run all over Ul’Dah and read plenty of dialogue. In all honesty, this quest didn’t take that long to complete, probably no more than twenty minutes, if you’re reading all the dialogue and not skipping through it. And that one quest, is basically the whole event!


What are the rewards?

Image source: Lodestone.

A flower crown. I kid you not. The seasonal event’s reward, for you running all over Ul’Dah and sitting through all that dialogue, is a flower crown. Yes, it has some significance to the quest you just completed but its just a cosmetic headpiece. You also are able to purchase a couple of housing pieces and some daisy themed Magicked Prisms to throw around. Oh, and there is also an achievement, ‘Princess Maker’.


Final Words.

OK, I have to be brutally honest: this was a disappointing event. The actual event was just running around a city and, unlike previous events in Final Fantasy XIV, didn’t offer any unique gameplay, like the lover’s maze in Valentione’s Day. To top it off, the reward isn’t that impressive and is hardly an incentive to complete the quest. I almost feel that this event shouldn’t have been held, as it didn’t really offer a fun or unusual experience. Thankfully, its pretty short, so you won’t fell like you wasted much of your time.

If you want to complete the event and earn yourself a flower crown, you have until Wednesday 13th March to do so.


Featured image came from Lodestone.



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