Update: An Improvement… I Guess.

Well, I guess I did better last week, than I did the previous two weeks- I posted two posts! Let’s see if this week, I can top that making three posts! All joking aside, I’m hoping to get back to my usual schedule soon, I promise!

Still, this week, I managed to get to go on a trip to London to visit the Natural History museum and the Science museum. Here’s my first guide tip: Don’t go on a Saturday. It feels like almost every parent turned out with their children in tow. I’m not a child hater but I don’t like children who are allowed to run wild in a museum. My second guide tip: Look at a floor plan of the museums beforehand and make sure you check out the stuff you really want to see. Both museums are huge and we didn’t get a chance to see everything in the Natural History museum. So, we are planning to go back at some point and check out the stuff we missed. Just on a weekday next time.

What have I been reading?

Image source: Goodreads.

I managed to finish Everless, which turned out to be alright read. I wouldn’t say it was one of the best young adult fantasy novels I’ve read, but it certainly isn’t the worst either. It manages to set up an interesting world and the over arching plot for the series shows some promise as well. It does have a few minor issues, but at the moment, I think its more first-book-in-the-series issues, like pacing issues, rather than issues with the author, Sara Holland. I will pick up the second book in the series, Evermore, once it is released as a paperback in the UK.

I’m currently reading Feedback by Mira Grant, which takes us back to the start of the Newsflesh series, but the story follows a group of bloggers employed by one of the Democratic candidates, rather than a Republican one. I’m about half way through and at the moment, Feed still holds the title as best in the series. I’ll hold off giving my full judgement until I’ve finished, as Mira Grant has a tendency of turning everything on its head in the final one hundred pages of her books.


What have I been playing?

Image source: The Sexy Brutale’s Steam store page.

I finished The Sexy Brutale! This means the 2019 Backlog Challenge, that Khinjarsi and I are attempting is now properly in progress. Unfortunately, I can’t say that my experience with The Sexy Brutale was amazing, or that I could even recommend it at full price. I won’t go into detail here, as you can read all about it in my January update post over at Upon Completion.

Aside from The Sexy Brutale, I have also been making quite a lot of progress with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battles. I’ve completed three of the four world zones and have been loving the experience. Even the immature, slap stick humour of the Rabbids have yet to grate on me! In fact, I’ve enjoyed the game so much, I have been seriously considering purchasing the Donkey Kong DLC.

I’m not sure if I’ll be playing much on my Switch or my PC this week, as Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally being released and I know that will be grabbing a lot of my attention!


What’s going on with the blog?

In case you missed the one post that I managed to write, aside from last weeks update post, here’s a link to it: Judging Books By Their Covers: December Edition.

This week, I’m hoping to write a couple more posts. I can definitely guarantee that there will be a Humble Monthly Bundle post on Saturday.

And that was my week! What has been keeping you guys busy and out of mischief? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!

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