A Year of My Life In Games- 1997.

I can safely say that 1997 was a better year for games that I’ve played than the past years we have been looking at. Let’s not delay any longer and take a look at the games that were released in 1997, that I have played.

1997 was clearly the year of the sequels for me. As two of three games that I’ll be talking about today are in fact sequels. Let’s start off with Crash Nadicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.

Image source: IMDB.

I distinctly recall I played the sequel before ever playing the original game. It wasn’t as difficult but I don’t think I had ever finished it. Its a bit of a shame because I remember the platformer to be quite enjoyable, even if some of the chase/running away sequences were incredibly difficult, thanks to the awkward camera.

The next sequel to feature in this post is Tomb Raider II. I’ll be honest, it  didn’t make this post because of the actual game, in fact I don’t remember getting pat the first area. No, I’m talking about Tomb Raider II because of its tutorial. For anyone who hasn’t played Tomb Raider II, the tutorial level is set in the Croft mansion and is supposed to help you to practise the controls for the main game… like most tutorials do. Except in this game there is one creepy, creepy butler in it. Seriously, the guy follows you around groaning and clanking his tray, as if his trying to audition for a part on The Walking Dead.

Image source: Reddit.

Anyway, what makes this so special? Well, one day when my younger brother was playing the tutorial, little Thero decided to play a little prank. I told him the butler had a gun in his kettle and was trying to kill Lara. And of course he believed me, which meant the next half an hour he tried his best to run away from this butler. And that memory has always stayed me with me. I may not remember much of the game but I do remember the tutorial!

And the final game released in 1997 that holds some importance to me is Age of Empires. This is a historical real time strategy game and in fact it was the first one I ever played.To say it got me hooked would be an understatement. I played each mode to death and then I would go about creating my own scenarios. Sure, it may not have been the most polished RTS experience but it was the one that made me fall in love with the genre and is one of the reasons I still play these sort of games today.

Image source: Age of Empires official site.

So, there were three games released in 1997 that are important to me. What games released in 1997 hold a special place in your memory? Feel free to share in the comments!

Join me next Thursday, when we’ll be taking a look at some games from 1998. See you then!


3 thoughts on “A Year of My Life In Games- 1997.

  1. Looks like nothing was released in ’97 that I bought/played. Ultima Online was released, but I didn’t start playing that until 2001/2.

    Part of that may be as we were in kind of a rough patch that year IIRC… My wife was (involuntarily) switching jobs (but found her career because of that switch….) and I’d just bought the bookstore. So, on top of budget issues I was working my butt off.


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