Thero’s Top Five Most Anticipated Games Releasing In 2019.

2019 may only be a few days old but that won’t stop me looking forward to some more games being released. Today, I’ll be listing the top five games I am looking forward to being released in 2019. For this list, I won’t be listing any remakes/remasters and there needs to be some confirmation that the game is being released in 2019. OK, let’s jump into it!

Honourable Mentions.

OK, I couldn’t start this list without at least mentioning some games that couldn’t quite make it. Firstly, Final Fantasy VII, IX, X/X-2 HD and XII: Zodica Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Yes, I already own these games on my PC or PS4 but the idea of being able to take these games on the go is an idea I love. Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that would have the number one spot on the list, if there had been definite confirmation that it was releasing this year. Finally, In the Valley of the GodsThe Sinking City and Far Cry: New Dawn all just missed making the list.


5. Metro Exodus.

Image source: Metro Exodus’ Steam store page.

Its no secret that I love post-apocalyptic games. The concept of exploring the decaying remains of civilisation after humanity’s own hubris ends it, really appeals to my darker side. I also love that small spark of hope, as these games show how humanity tries to survive. Its why I love games like Fallout and Horizon Zero Dawn.  With that said, its no wonder that Metro Exodus made the list! Set in the Russian wilderness, you play Artyom, a man leading a band of people on a journey to find a place to survive. Metro Exodus is releasing in February, so there isn’t a long time to wait!


4. Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Image source: Total War: Three Kingdom’s Steam store page.

Next up, is a strategy game set in China. I am a huge fan of the Total War series and I’m excited for this next release, as its taking us to a new location and time period. There is also a change in how relationships with legendary heroes work, which should make an interesting evolution in the gameplay. Overall, this looks like its going to be a beautiful and epic game set in in the time of one of China’s greatest conflicts. Total War: Three Kingdoms releases in March.


3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Image source:

Sticking with the strategy games and the games that love the number three, we have Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I fell in love with the Fire Emblem series when I played Fire Emblem: Awakening on my Nintendo 3DS.  Recently, I’ve been enjoying indulging my nostalgia by playing Fire Emblem Warriors, which sees characters from across the series team up; but I’ll be honest, I can’t wait to play a traditional Fire Emblem game on my Nintendo Switch. From what I’ve seen so far, this looks to have everything the series is known for but on a much bigger scale. Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases at some point in the spring.


2. The Outer Worlds.

Image source: The Outer Worlds’ Steam store page.

Moving away from fantasy and historical themed games, my second most anticipated game is The Outer WorldsThe Outer Worlds is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment and so far, looks like the result of Firefly and the Borderlands series getting together and having a baby. This game looks like it may fulfil the sci-fi RPG hole in my heart, that hasn’t been filled since the original Mass Effect trilogy. I think the game is in safe hands, after all, Obsidian is responsible for Pillars of Eternity and Fallout: New VegasThe Outer Worlds releases at some point in 2019.


1. Kingdom Hearts III.

Image source: Kingdom Hearts’ official website.

And at number one… I don’t think this comes much as a surprise. As a Disney and Final Fantasy  fan, I have waited nearly fourteen years for this game. I love the Kingdom Hearts series, sure it has a convoluted plot that I’m not sure anyone really understands; but it brings two of favourite franchise together and makes my inner child happy. The fact that we finally have a release date makes this even better. Kingdom Hearts III (finally) releases at the end of January.


And those were my top five most anticipated games releasing in 2019! There are a lot of games already announced for this year that couldn’t make the list, so let me know in the comments which games you are looking forward to and I’ll talk to you soon!

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