The Top Ten Most Read Posts For This Blog in 2018!

Its that time of year again, where we look back at the past year and see what’s been going on with blog, which I can safely say quite a lot! For this end of year list, I will take the ten posts with the most views from the past 365 days. I will be discounting any pages, such as the About Me page, as well as the archive, as that isn’t really an individual post. If you want to check out any of the posts, I’ve made each post title a link.  OK, without further ado, let’s take a look at the most viewed posts for 2018!

10. Community Blogging Event: Adventure Rules Secret Valentine.


At the number 10 spot, is my post for Adventure Rules’ Valentine event.  Each blogger that signed up for the event was given another blogger, who was taking part in the event, to talk about a post, to share some blogging love in the community. The blogger I received was Hungry Goriya, who is a gamer that talks about their love of collecting retro video games. I highly recommend you check out both the Adventure Rules blog and Hungry Goriya’s blog!


9. First Impressions: The Ancient Magus’ Bride.


Another February posts makes the list! This time it is one of my First Impressions posts for the anime The Ancient Magus’ Bride. I really enjoyed the first few episodes of the anime but I haven’t actually made much progress since this post! This is mainly because I actually want to read the manga before watching the rest of the anime. I have promised that I’ll do an update after watching about ten episodes, so maybe in 2019 you’ll see another post for this anime!



8. A Post About Totalbiscuit, the Definition of Respect & a Plea.


This next post wasn’t really I post I would ever want to really write on this blog, as I always wanted my blog to be a place where people could go and read things to escape the darker aspects of life. Unfortunately, certain events in May evoked some pretty strong emotions in that me, that made me sit down and write this post. In May, a Youtuber known as Totalbiscuit passed away from cancer. Now, he had some pretty strong opinions about certain things that meant not everyone was a fan of him. That doesn’t excuse the comments being made online by people who never knew the man. I hope there won’t be a need for me to write another post like this.


7. A Post About a Few Nominations I Received.


OK, so I have to hold my hands up and apologise for being really terrible at responding to blogging nominations. If you have ever nominated me but I’ve never responded, I want you to know that I do read you post and I am sorry for not responding. Its not really an excuse, but 2018 was a difficult year for me to sit down and write impromptu posts. Happily, this is one time I actually responded to Luna and Hundstrasse who were kind enough to nominate me. If you get a moment, please check out their blogs: GamersUnitedGG and Hundstrasse.



6. Thero’s Recommended Gaming: Final Fantasy X.


Yet another post from February has made this list- I love the fact so many people were loving this blog in that month! Speaking of sharing the love, this is the post where I share my love for my favourite Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy X. Nearly two decades on from when I first played this game, I still love it. It introduced me to the Final Fantasy series and also got me to fall in love with the JRPG genre.Its a classic that I think everyone should give a go, at least once.


5. First Impressions: Attack on Titan.


At the half way mark, we have another First Impressions post. This time, its for the anime, Attack on Titan which was a post I actually wrote back in January 2017… I guess people really loved that post! I have fallen a little behind on watching this anime, pretty much like everything else I watch! Still, I loved the first season, just because it was so different to the other anime I watched, at the time. Hopefully, in 2019, there will be a First Impressions post for the second season of this dark anime…



4. The Video Game World Cup 2018- My Pick.


The next post is another blogging event, this time created by Pix at Shoot the Rookie. This event was based on the football world cup and Pix invited bloggers to help create a football team full of video game characters. Naturally, I chose Tidus from Final Fantasy X, was actually picked for the team! I love the fact that so many of the community events that I took part in part made this list- rest assured I’ll be trying to take part in more events next year! Also, if you could spare the time, please visit Pix’s blog, Shoot the Rookie, which is full of gaming goodness!


3. I’ve Been Nominated For the Liebster Award!


Making it into the top three, is another post responding to a blogging nomination. I don’t want to get all soppy but it means quite a lot to me that there are some people who want to take the time to talk about my blog. This blog was initially created just for me to have some fun and talk about the things I enjoy, so when I see that other people get some enjoyment from my blog, it makes me really happy! Unfortunately, the person who nominated me, Kingdylbag13, is no longer blogging under that name but I still appreciate the nomination.

happy featured


2. Urban Legend: The Killer In The Window.


So, the penultimate post for this list, is in fact one I wrote back in October 2017. For some reason, people love my retelling of the urban legend, The Killer in the Window. Don’t get me wrong, I love the creepiness and implication of the story, especially when you stop and think about it, I just didn’t know it would be so popular a year on from when it was posted. Perhaps in 2019, I will need to share some more spooky stories that I enjoy…


1. Thero’s Top Five Tragic Couples in Video Games.


I have to say I am happy to see that this was the most viewed post in 2018, as this was probably the post I enjoyed writing the most! I always love writing my top five lists, even if it can be difficult to choose what should make the lists at times. I remember having a blast putting this particular list together and I’m so glad other people enjoyed reading it. If you do go and read it, I recommend also reading the comments because some people have made some great suggestions of couple that didn’t make my list but deserved to mentioned.


And there we have it, the top ten most read posts from A Reluctant Hero, in 2018! I’ve had a blast writing on this blog over the past twelve months and I hope you guys have enjoyed the posts. Once again, I want to say a huge thank you to all of you. It means a lot when I see someone has read, liked or even commented on one of my posts. I wanted this blog to be a place where people can indulge in the geekier things in life and I think I achieved it in 2018.

Please share the posts you’ve enjoyed reading (they don’t have to be from this blog!) or writing this year in the comments below, as I would love to see what you’ve been enjoying this past year.

Right, I’m going to finish rambling now. Once again, thank you for a great 2018 and here’s hoping that 2019 will be just as amazing!




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