Update: Is Christmas Really Upon Us?!

I don’t know why, but this month has really flown by! I mean, in literally a week’s time, it will be Christmas Eve- I hope those of you celebrating Christmas are almost ready for it! I have to apologise as I missed out on three posts at the end of last week, unfortunately, with everything going on its actually been difficult to sit down and write these posts. With that said, let’s not waste anymore time and jump straight into what I’ve been getting up to this past week!

What have I been reading?

Image source: Goodreads.

I finished Zeroes by Chuck Wendig, which I really enjoyed. I have to admit, I couldn’t predict the ending as there was so many plot twists, which I really loved. I don’t have the computer know-how to say whether the hacker part was accurate but it did feel like it fairly realistic. Definitely a book I recommend to fans of The Matrix!

Changing the genre once more, I am now reading (and almost finishing) Caravel by Stephanie Garber. This is more of a young adult fantasy novel about a woman trying to find her sister, whilst being caught up in a magical competition. It has a really nice reading style and its unique premise really drew me to the book.


What have I been playing?

Unfortunately, no screenshots this week, as I’ve mainly been playing Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee!  which has remained, even after 20 hours of playing, a fantastic game. I’ve managed to earn all eight badges and I’m now facing the Elite Four. I imagine it won’t take me too long to finish the game and I’m a little sad that my revisit to the Kanto region is almost over.


What’s going on with the blog?

The festive season has meant I have struggled with my December challenge but I did manage to get these posts written:

I’m going to try my best and get as many posts out as I can this week, but I won’t promise anything, in case I jinx it!

And that was my week! Let me know how your week has been in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!



4 thoughts on “Update: Is Christmas Really Upon Us?!

  1. Most of my reading this week has been an extended deep dive into “Japanese Bookbinding: Instructions From A Master Craftsman” making notes on things to follow up/do more research on.

    And yeah… this season has flown by! I still haven’t been able to finish my seasonal history post (looking back four years), and my blog-a-versary post is due next week too!

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      1. I’ve been fascinated by bookbinding for decades (as in “since the 1970’s”), and got really interested in stab binding about six years ago. Several things happened in the last couple of months, and that’s resulted in me picking back up a project I laid aside some years back – recreating an Edo period book.

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