A Year Of My Life In Games- 1995.

We have now reached the half way point in 90’s. I’ll be honest, this was almost as much of a struggle to find a game for 1995, as it was for the 1994 post. Fear not, there was one game that was released that did leave its mark; maybe not as much as some of the other games on this list but I was deter,=mined not to leave another blank post, so here goes…

Image source: Worms Wikipedia page.

It was Worms. OK, I didn’t even own this game but one of my friends at the time, did so I say it still counts. I remember we used to play this game every time I visited their house, all the way through primary school. Don’t ask me what was so mesmerising about trying to kill some cartoon worms, but it certainly had us hooked. So, I guess the lesson I would take from Worms is that its OK to play a game just for some mindless fun.

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