Thero’s Recommended Gaming: Overcooked!

Its been over half a year since I’ve recommended a game on this blog but with the festive season upon us, I thought now would be great time to share another game with you!

The game I want to recommend today is cooperative cooking game called Overcooked!, that was developed by Ghost Town Games and published by Team17 Digital. The aim of the game is simple: you and your friends need to work as a team to serve a variety of dishes to numerous customers across several different restaurants. Sounds simple? Well, you know the saying too many cooks spoil the broth? That definitely applies here!

Image source: Overcooked!’s steam store page.

Not only will you have to work together, under a time limit, but you also overcome the quirks of the kitchen you are in. You see, each kitchen has a different gameplay mechanic, whether it is split in half on two lorries or rotating in space. Trust when the pressure is on, the chaos just increases!

Image source: Overcooked!’s steam store page.

The reason I am recommending Overcooked! is because it is a great party game. The controllers are really simple, which makes it great with younger players or even people who have never picked up a controller before. In fact, last Christmas Day, my family played Overcooked! and even though my parents don’t play video games, they had a blast playing this one. Plus, there is also a free Christmas DLC pack called The Festive Seasoning, which gives the game a festive theme with eight new levels and two Christmassy chefs.

Image source: The Xbox Hub.

Overall, this is a great party game that is reasonably priced. It easy to learn but difficult to master gameplay will mean that people with different gaming skills can pick up a controller and play together, regardless of the gaming ability. If you are looking for some post-Christmas Day lunch gaming, then Overcooked! is a game I highly recommend.

Overcooked! is available on PC, PLaystation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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