December Humble Monthly… Unboxing?!

We have finally reached the last Humble Monthly Bundle of 2018, let’s dive in and see what gifts Humble Bundle has this year!

1. Mega Man Legacy Collection.

Image source: Mega Man Legacy Collection’s Steam store page.

The first game in the bundle is in fact a collection of classic games. Mega Man Legacy Collection contains the first six Mega Man games, that are known to be difficult action platformers. I’ll be honest, I have never played a Mega Man game before, so this will give me a great excuse to try one out!

Price on Steam: £11.99 (UK)/$14.99 (US).


2. Zombie Army Trilogy.

Image source: Zombiie Army Trilogy’s Steam store page.

Our next game is in fact three games in one! In Zombie Army Trilogy, you must fight zombies in 1940’s Europe, in order to take down Hitler himself. This game looks like a cross between your typical World War II shooter and Left 4 Dead, which isn’t my usual type of game to play. Still, if I can get brother to play co-op, I may give it a shot.

Price on Steam: £29.99 (UK)/$44.99 (US).


3. Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience.

Image source: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s Steam store page.

The third game in the bundle is yet another collection of games, seriously I’m starting to think Humble Bundle is spoiling us this month! In Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience, there is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainMetal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and a lot of cosmetic time for the single player and multiplayer parts of The Phantom Pain. Like with Mega Man, I have yet to play a Metal Gear Solid game, so this is my chance to start playing another iconic video game series.

Price on Steam: £24.99 (UK)/$29.99 (US).


4. Cities: Skylines.

Image source: Cities: Skylines’ Steam store page.

Next up is a game I already own and have, for once, actually played! Cities: Skylines is a city building simulator, sort of like SimCity. The aim of the game is to create a bustling, and successful, city; which sounds a lot easier than it actually is, as you have to manage everything from the road network to healthcare. Its one of thos game that you can lose hours to and if you decide to buy some of the DLCs available, you can add even more detail to the game and to your city. If you love city building games, then this is one I suggest you check out.

Price on Steam: £22.99 (UK)/$29.99 (US).


5. Immortal Redneck.

Image source: Immortal Redneck’s Steam store page.

The fifth game in the bundle is a bit of a unique one- it is a first person shooter, in which you play as a ‘redneck tourist’ who wakes up and finds himself mummified in ancient Egypt. The only way to get home is to shoot your way through enemies in a number of pyramids. Naturally. This looks like a quirky and unusual game, that I’ll have to give it a go at some point.

Price on Steam: £14.95 (UK)/$19.95 (US).


6. Purrfect Date.

Image source: Purrfect Date’s  Steam store page.

OK, now the games are getting a little more odd. In Puerrfect Date, you are the latest apprentice to Professor Pawpur, who is researching the cat inhabitants of the aptly named Cat Island. A text adventure with a hint of mystery, Purrfect Date is definitely the most unique in this bundle, so far!

Price on Steam: £7.19 (UK)/$9.99 (US).


7. Seven: The Days Long Gone.

Image source: Seven: The Days Long Gone.

At number seven, we have… well, Seven: The Days Long Gone, an open world action RPG in which you play as master thief, Teriel. Thanks to a heist gone wrong, you find yourself being sent to Peh, a prison island full of criminals with their own agendas. I actually already own this game, having been intrigued by its premise, I just never got around to playing it. Maybe in the new year, I’ll give this RPG a go.

Price on Steam: £27.99 (UK)/$29.99 (US).


8. NeuroVoider.

Image source: NeuroVoider’s Steam store page.

The next game in the bundle is a twin stick shooter RPG called NeuroVoider.  The aim of the game is simple: shoot through as many robots as you need to, in order to get to the master NeuorVoider. Sounds simple, but I have great difficulty with these sort of games. I’ll probably play this at some point, but its not high on my list of to-play games.

Price on Steam: £10.59 (UK)/$13.99 (US).


9. Forager.

Image source: Forager’s Steam store page.

The next game is in fact a sneak peek at game that is going to be released in January. Forager reminds me an 8-bit version of Stardew Valley, as in Forager your goal is to explore, forage and craft. It looks like a nice, cute game that I would play to relax. Considering how much I loved Stardew Valley, I’ll definitely be checking this game out.


10. Cut & Run.

As always, the final game in the bundle is the Humble Original, a game specially created for the monthly bundle. This month’s is called Cut & Run in which you go around a city and… cut things. Yeah, I’m not sure I’ll have the time to play this one…


And that was the December bundle! Personally, I thought it was a great bundle to finish the year on, with plenty of games to keep me busy. What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Next month’s bundle will be kicking 2019 off with a bang, as there are three revealed games: Just Cause 3: XXL Edition, Wizard of Legend and  Project Cars 2. If those games interest you, then by subscribing to next month’s bundle, you’ll gain instant access to those games. If not, come back next month, when I’ll be talking about all the games in that bundle.

See you then!








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