Thero’s Gift Ideas: Buying For A Pokemon Fan.

We may now be in December but you’re not out of time to get a gift for the ones you love. We all have that one difficult person to buy for- you know the one, you vaguely know what they like but you have no idea how to take that interest into a gift. Well, if it’s geeky never fear, Thero’s here! For the past couple of years, I’ve been suggesting gift ideas for those geeky loved ones. Here are my previous posts:

OK, now that those shameless plugs are out of the way, let’s move onto what this gift guide is all about- Pokémon fans. Pokémon may have been around for over twenty years, but that doesn’t mean its not difficult to find an ideal gift for the biggest Pokémon fan. Well, if you’re stuck, read on, as I give you couple of ideas…

Now, before we begin, you’ll need to find one thing out- what is your special someone’s favourite Pokémon. This will help with a couple of the suggestions I make later in this post.

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So, let’s kick off this guide with books. First, is the Pokémon manga series. This series has been going for quite a few years now and are loosely tied with the video game series, at least more than the anime.  What is especially great is that most of the manga series comes in box sets, making them great gifts. The stories themselves are little darker than the anime, or even the video games, making them a suitable gift for the older Pokémon fan.


The next book idea is The Official Pokémon Encyclopedia. I was actually given this as a Christmas present and I think its a fantastic book for any fan, as it goes into detail about the entire world of Pokémon. The final book suggestion I have is the Official Pokémon Creative Colouring book. Again, this is given to me as a Christmas gift and if there your Pokémon mad loved one, also loves colouring, then this would make a great present. The book even covers some of lesser known Pokémon, so there is a good chance their favourite Pokémon is in there!


Next up, we have soft toys and figures. It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that most of the popular Pokémon are available as soft toys or in figure form, which is where knowing what is your loved one’s favourite Pokémon comes in handy, as this is an opportunity to make the a gift a little more personal. A word of warning, be aware that there a lot of unofficial soft toys/figures that at first glance look the same as the official products but when you physically see them, they aren’t the same quality. If in doubt, the manufacturer Tomy makes a lot of the Pokemon toys, if Tomy’s name is on the product, you know you are safe.

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Next we have the famous Pokémon cards! There are some great and affordable starter decks, that allow newcomers to the game be able to jump straight into the game. Often these starter decks will also come with codes, that will allow players to play that deck on the online video game version of the card game. Now, if your love one already plays the trading card game, there are some great gift sets, that come in tins or are based on a particular Pokémon.

Now, perhaps you would rather buy them a game that is Pokémon themed but the whole family could play with them. Well, how about a Pokémon themed Monopoly game? I know, Monopoly can be a divisive game that is responsible for many a family argument, but its a great game for everyone to play, even if they aren’t a Pokémon fan themselves.


If you are looking for some stocking filler ideas, then how about a Bulbasaur planter or a miniature construction set. These micro sets come in a variety of different Pokémon, so like the figures and soft toys, you can pick out your loved one’s favourite Pokémon to make the gift that extra bit special.


Finally, there are the Pokémon jumpers. I did cover these briefly in my Christmas Jumpers gift guide. As a seasonal appropriate gift that is also practical, a jumper wpoud be a great gift.


So there were some of my suggestions for gifts for a Pokémon fan, which I hope has been of some use. Pokémon has been around for a few decades, so there is a lot of merchandise, if you have a suggestion for a Pokémon themed gift, share it in the comments below!



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