First Impressions: The Dragon Prince.

Today, I’m going to be sharing my first impressions of the animated Netflix show, The Dragon Prince.

I can safely say that with my first impressions of Disenchanted and Castlevania, my luck with animated fantasy shows on Netflix hasn’t been great. So a part of me was a little prepared for some disappointment with The Dragon Prince.

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So far, I can say, my preparations have been in vain, as The Dragon Prince is easily the best animated Netflix show that I’ve seen. Its premise is pretty simple. After a way, relations between humans and pretty much every magical creature in the world are incredibly tense. In order to try and restore peace between the races, two princes and an elven assassin undertake a journey that could put an end to the war. As far as plot goes, it certainly isn’t groundbreaking nor incredibly unique but it is told in an entertaining way.

Image source: IMDB.

The show’s two strongest elements are its cast of characters and its world- both of which are diverse and varied enough that there is at least one character that you will root for. The idea of the series being focused on the trio of characters going on a journey through this, allows the setting to really shine and I hope we get to see more of this world as the story progresses.

Overall, the series is shaping up to be really promising. I still have over half of the episodes in the first series to go, but I have high hopes for this fantasy animated show.

Have you seen The Dragon Prince? Write your thoughts in the comments below, but remember please avoid major spoilers!


Featured image from the official Dragon Prince website.

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