Judging Books By Their Covers, October Edition.

In October, the month of Hallowe’en, I thought it would be appropriate for me to read a few horror novels, whether they were about zombies, ghosts or demons. So, join me as we judge my October books by their covers.

Feed by Mira Grant.



The first book I read in October was the first book in the zombie trilogy, NewsfleshFeed by Mira Grant. I had read this trilogy over four years ago but it was nice to find I still loved Feed. So, what about the cover? First of all, I love the minimalist look, which fits with how lifeless and sanitised life in the novel is. The blood effect definitely hints at the zombie theme and also how bloody things are going to get. I really like this cover because everything about it is linked to the novel or the theme and the choice of the colour for the title makes it really stand out.




Deadline by Mira Grant.



I guess there aren’t any surprises that my next book cover is the second book in the Newsflesh trilogy, Deadline. Keeping with the use of the blood effect, ties this cover nicely with the first novel, Feed. The heart monitor lines are also another, rather subtle, hint at certain plot points in this novel. Overall, I do like the cover but I’m not as keen on the blue and red colour scheme on Deadline, as I am with the off white and red on the Feed cover; but overall, another nice book cover.




Blackout by Mira Grant.


Ok, the last Mira Grant zombie novel for this month, I promise! I have to say out of the three book covers for this trilogy, I like Blackout’s cover the least. For some reason, the title and image no longer have the same blood effect as the previous two books, which makes me feel like its as tied to the trilogy. Instead, it has a rather generic spray paint stencil effect, which again, goes against the theming of the previous two titles. With Feed and Deadline, their covers were themed to their stories, whereas Blackout’s cover doesn’t have a lot tying it to its plot. This is easily the weakest cover in the trilogy, but at the story inside is fantastic!




The Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring.


Moving from the zombie books, we have a historical ghost story. Now, if you’ve read my update posts in October, then you’ll already know I was a little disappointed with the story of The Ghost Hunters. The same can’t be said about the book cover, I love it! I always love book covers that have a black and white colour scheme, it just makes them stand out on the bookshelf. The other thing I love about this cover is if you take a close look, you can see that the image isn’t just black and white but also has shadowy grey silhouettes of some trees in the background. Needing to take a closer look at the cover and seeing the shade of grey, reflects the overall message of the novel, which earns points from me!


A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay.


The final book for October is a possession story by Paul Tremblay. Like with the other books, I really like the colour scheme for the cover, especially the green in the title. As for the image, its rather unsettling, just like the story; not only that, but it is also tried directly with the plot and what is talked about by the two sisters. A rather unsettling cover for a rather unsettling book and one I would recommend!





So, now that I’ve judge my October book covers, its over to you guys. Which ones do you prefer, is there one that stands out? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!



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