Update: Enough With The Fireworks, Already!

I try and avoid using these update posts to rant about things but today is going to be an exception. People in the UK, Bonfire night is the 5th November, not the 4th, not the 3rd. Why is Bonfire Night celebrated on the 5th November? Because that is when the Gunpowder plot was foiled in 1605. Not the 4th, not the 5th. If you are going to celebrate the day when a group of people were arrested and would eventually be tortured and brutally executed, then celebrate on the right day. If that is inconvenient for you, then perhaps you shouldn’t celebrate this year. As someone who has to dogs, Bonfire night is not the best night of the year, but to have it spread across three nights instead of one is a nightmare. Also, there’s a special place in a certain fiery place for those individuals that think setting off fireworks at 10pm is hilarious. You know who you are.

OK, rant over. Let’s move into some more positive things.

What have I been reading?

Image source: Goodreads.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been reading that much this week, but I did manage to finish A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. This was a fantastic horror novel and one I would recommend people read, especially if they love possession stories.  I really liked Paul Tremblay’s writing style, so I’ll be looking at some of his other book sin the future.

This week, I’ll be re-reading a trilogy, Night Angel trilogy, I haven’t read in roughly eight years. It’ll be interesting to see if it still holds up!


What have I been playing?


It was the end of the Witches Festival in Elder Scrolls Online and unfortunately, I didn’t get all of the Hollowjack crafting motifs. Oh well, I suppose there is always next year… On a more positive note, I finally complete the Greenshade zone, including all the World Bosses! I’m in two minds as to where I continue the Aldmeri Dominion story or move onto Morrowind, which seems to be the way I’m heading, as it would be a nice change of pace. Either way, my progress in ESO is definitely improving!

Aside from ESO, I’ve also been trying to overcome my fear of horror games, as I’ve been (slowly) making my way through Call of Cthulhu. So far, I’ve not been doing too badly, I’ve even escaped a mental asylum! The game definitely has the right tone and atmosphere for a Lovecraftian horror game, which is probably helping me overcome the whole horror game thing, as I’m a fan of Lovecraft. So fingers crossed, but 2018 may be the year I finish my first horror game!


What’s going on with the blog?

I posted quite a bit on this blog last week, so if you missed any of the posts, here they are:

As for this week, if all goes to plan, there will be a post on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


And that was my week! Let me know you thoughts on Bonfire night and other firework related events in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!

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