A Year of My Life in Games – 1991.

So, I got the idea for this series of posts from a series of posts from The Well-Red Mage. Basically, I will be talking about the games that have some importance for me over the course of my life. I figured I’d start the series on my birthday, with the year of my birth and continue until we catch up with the current year. So join me, as we travel back to 1991 and take a look at arguably one of the most important games of my life…

I guess a good place as any to start with the year I was born, 1991, which surprisingly is also the year, a very important game to me was released.

Image source: Sonic the Hedgehog wikipedia page.

Yes, the first game I am going to talk about is also the very first video game I ever played. Admittedly, I didn’t pick up my Sega Megadrive controller until a few later but it was Sonic, that the first character I controlled. As a child there was something incredibly exciting about playing as a character that could run incredibly fast and, in some cases, temporarily defy the laws of gravity.

Image source: Watchmojo’s Youtube Channel.

It was with Sonic the Hedgehog that I learnt an important life lesson, sometimes you have work at something to earn it. I remember sitting there for hours trying to beat certain levels, the Marble zone springs to mind. This lesson was further ingrained into me, as I would have to share the game with my sister. We had this rule in my house that once you  had lost a life, you had to pass the controller over; so that sense of failure was even more poignant, especially for a young child.

Image source: Collider.com.

In the end I never actually finished Sonic the Hedgehog, young Thero moved onto other games and other consoles. However, even now I can hear the title music and remember the excitement I used to feel, as I waited for the level to load and I could charge off as a blue blur on the screen.



So that 1991’s post! Next week, I’ll be taking a look at some more Sega Megadrive games that I played back in my younger years. See you then!

3 thoughts on “A Year of My Life in Games – 1991.

  1. Great post and great game! I missed out on playing classically “retro” games I started on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo lite Nintendogs is the first game I ever played as a kid! 🐶


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