Thero’s Top Five Creepy Quests From Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

On the spookiest day of the year, I thought I would share with you my top five creepy quests from Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion. Even though this game is a fantasy RPG, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its creepy moments! Beware of some spoilers, you’ve been warned!

5. Vaermina’s Daedric Shrine Quest.

Image source: The Elder Scrolls wiki.

Accepting a quest from the Daedric Prince of dreams and nightmares was always going to lead you to a surreal location and Vaermina’s Daedric Shrine quest does not disappoint. In this quest you are tasked by Vaermina to recover the Orb of Vaermina from Arkved’s Tower. Sound simple, right? Well, upon entering the tower, you’ll discover that things aren’t quite…right. In fact, you could say you find yourself in the middle of a nightmare with rooms filled with oversized furniture, daedra and bridges over an endless abyss. The quest may not be the most creepy in the game but the location is very unsettling.


4. The Forlorn Watchman. 

Image source: The Elder Scrolls wiki.

Next up, is the quest about laying a ghost to rest. If you are at a camp just outside of Bravil at 8pm, you will see a ghostly figure appear. If you then follow the ghost, he will reveal he needs to be freed. This leads to you spending the rest of the evening doing your best Ghostbusters impression and slaying a few ghosts aboard a haunted shipwreck.I remember the first time I saw the ghost it was a rainy evening, which added a certain spooky atmosphere to the quest, which is why I’ve never been able to forget it!


3. Where Spirits Have Lease.

Image source: The Elder Scrolls wiki.

You know the saying, a deal that’s too good to be true? Well, that definitely applies to this quest! In Anvil, you are approached by someone who wants to sell a manor to you for 5,000 septims. A steal, right? Well, on your first night in your home, you will awaken to three ghosts attacking you. Turns out the house is cursed and unless you deal with it, your new property will be infested with ghosts. Now that’s a pest problem.


2. Following A Lead.

Image source: Noxterio’s Youtube Channel.

OK, do you know how hard it was finding a picture that didn’t have a bloody corpse, for this Dark Brotherhood quest? In this quest, Lucien Lachance tasks you with finding out who is interfering with the dead drops. You eventually find yourself in the lighthouse basement, in Anvil, in a scene straight out of an 80’s horror film. The horror doesn’t end there, as when you go back to Lucien, another disturbing scene awaits you…


1. Shadow Over Hackdirt.

Image source: The Elder Scroll wiki.

And of course, the number one spot has to go to the quest that references H. P. Lovecraft! In Shadow Over Hackdirt, you are asked by a concerned mother to locate her missing daughter in the isolated settlement of Hackdirt. Its clear from the moment you arrive that something isn’t right and it doesn’t take too much digging to uncover a cult called the Brethren and the worship of the Deep Ones. Everything about this quest oozes Lovecraftian themes and is definitely one for any fan of his work.


So there were my five creepy Oblivion quests! What were your creepy/scary moments from the game? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!



Featured image came from Game FAQs.

4 thoughts on “Thero’s Top Five Creepy Quests From Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

    1. I forgot about the murder party! Although, your character is technically the one being creepy…
      I used to hate any quest that took me to an Ayleid ruin, which meant the Knights of the Nine took forever to complete.


  1. The Otaku Judge

    I’m not sure what I would hate more after buying a house. Discovering that the property is haunted or learning that it is infested with spiders.


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