London MCM Comic Con 2018: An Interview With A Comic Con Rookie.

On Saturday 27th, my brother and I attended London Comic Con for the third time. This year, we also had our sister, Stacey, and her girlfriend join us for this adventure. So I thought it would be a great idea to talk to my sister about how she found her first ever (and hopefully not last!) Comic Con.

Thero: So, I guess the first question is, why did you decide to go to Comic Con this year and what did you expect it to be like?

Stacey: Because my girlfriend really wanted to go and I knew there would be some Harry Potter related things there that I would like too. I knew that it would be different to anything I had been to before, but it was way bigger than I was expecting.

Thero: How did you like the Stormtroopers by the priority queuing area?

Stacey: It was unusual and an effective way of starting the whole thing off. Talking of queuing they are quite deceptive, the queues might seem long but the staff/companies are very good at keeping them moving.

Thero: You guys ended up queuing for the Funko Pop stand, was that queue similar to one to get into the convention? As a bystander, it looked like a little slow moving.

Stacey: It moved a lot quicker than what it looked. Plus the layout of the inside of the stall meant you saw most of the stock whilst queuing to get to the till. The pricing could have been a little clearer, but other than that it was quite well organised to ensure everyone had a fair chance at getting what they wanted in a reasonable amount of time.

Thero: That’s interesting because I think a lot of people were put off by the length o that queue. Since we’re talking about buying things, what was your favourite purchase of the day?

Stacey: That’s a toss up between my MCM build a bear – he looks cute in his official t-shirt or my baby Niffler Funko Pop vinyls.

Thero: Yeah, you did seem to make a bee line for the Build-A-Bear stand quite early on! I guess for the people reading this, what is your Hogwarts house?

Stacey: I saw it advertised and I’ve been waiting for an excuse to purchase one for myself! I’m a Gryffindor.

Thero: Well, we all know that Gryffindor isn’t the best House, but we can’t all be in Ravenclaw! I know you said that you wanted to get a Build-A-Bear and Harry Potter stuff, looking back now, is there anything you wished you got to do at the convention?

Stacey: Each house has different strengths… I guess I’d have liked to try more of the food. If I had been able to attend more days, I would have attended some of the panels or even tried to get a tattoo.

Thero: That’s a fair point. What did you think of the cosplayers?

Stacey: Some of them were really good, however I can imagine the costumes being quite hot.

Thero: Did anyone stand out in particular?

Stacey: I quite liked the Buzz, Pooh and the Grinch.

Thero: Would you ever consider cosplaying?

Stacey: Possibly… maybe as something Harry Potter related like a niffler.

Thero: Why am I not surprised! So I take it, that means you would go to Comic Con again?

Stacey: Haha, yeah I would, although I think I would need to plan it a bit better as there was a lot of travelling for us – we were on a bus at 3.15 am and didn’t arrive back home after the event until about 10.30pm.

Thero: That is a seriously long day. OK, final question, what advice would you give to someone who has never been to a Comic Con and wants to go?

Stacey: Make sure you’re prepared for spending money and I would advise taking cash as on the few occasions I tried to use my card it took a while to process. Make sure you have a rough idea of what you are looking for/ want to do. I’d definitely suggest having a look at the app or PDF of the guide book prior to arriving, so you know where you want to head towards.

So, there were the thoughts of someone who went to Comic Con for the first time. I want to thank Stacey for taking the time to answer all my questions and sharing her thoughts. She also has a blog, which you can visit here, so feel free to go say hi.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll talk to you soon!



Featured image came from MCM Comic Con’s twitter.

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