MMO Seasonal Event- Elder Scrolls Online: Witches Festival 2018.

Hallowe’en is right around the corner which means its time for a bewitching event over in Elder Scrolls Online!

How do you take part in the event?

The start of the event it exactly the same as last year. While in the game, head over to the Crown Store and purchase the item the ‘Crow Caller’- don’t worry this item is free. You then use your newly acquired Crow Caller to initiate the quest ‘The Witchmother’s Bargain’. The great thing about this seasonal event, is that there are no minimum level requirements, so you can literally start The Witches Festival as a level 1 character!

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What is the event?

‘The Witchmother’s Bargain’ is not an overly long quest, at most you’ll just have to face a boss of a delve somewhere. To complete the quest, all you need to do is collect a pumpkin, guts and essence of death (that’s the part where you need the delve boss!). After successfully completing the mission, you’ll received the Witchmother’s Whistle, which gives you a 100% experience boost and turns you into a skeleton. The rest of the event is all about defeating boss monsters, like delve bosses, world bosses and the boss monsters found at the Dark Anchors. Defeating these will give you Plunder Skulls, which can be opened for more spooky goodies.

There are two new parts to the event this year. First, the Witches Festival is part of a larger event, in which you can earn a new mount. To do this you must earn event tokens, which can be gained by defeating one boss a day. Once you have 10 of these tokens, you can exchange them for an Indrik Feather with the Impressario. The Impressario can be found Vulkel Guard, Daggerfall and Davon’s Watch. To earn the mount, you must have 4 of these feathers. The other upcoming events that are also part of this, are Clockwork City Celebration Event (15th- 26th November); Undaunted Celebration Event (29th November- 5th December) and New Life Festival(13th December- 2nd January). Don’t worry, I’ll be covering all of these events in the future!

Back to the Witches Festival, the final new addition to the event, are the Dremora Plunder Skulls. These skulls drop from the first boss of the day, for each type. For example you ‘ll get a Dremora Plunder Skull for defeating a World boss, a Delve boss and a dungeon boss but not for three World bosses, on the same day. As you can see, there is plenty to do for this event!

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What are the rewards?

The Plunder Skulls give you a chance to earn a lot of different Hallowe’en/spooky themed rewards, including recipes, Hallowjack motifs, house furnishings and runeboxes.  You will also be able to keep the Witchmother’s Whistle as a memento, after the event has ended, although it won’t be able to give you the experience boost or change your appearance. The Dremora Plunder skulls also offer you the chance of earning Dremora themed crafting motifs. Be warned different boss types will offer different Dremora motifs. This year there are even more achievements to earn, including new additions like killing one hundred skeletons and killing each type of boss.

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Final Words.

Initially, a part of me was disappointed that the Witches Festival was pretty much the same as last year, at least on the surface. However, after spending some time doing the event, I can say that developers have tried to add something new to the event. With the added Dremora Plunder Skulls and achievements, they are really encouraging layers to take on all the different bosses and not just farm one particular boss. In my opinion, this is a fantastic event that allows you to commit whatever time you wish to it, whilst still being very rewarding.

If you want to join in the Hallowe’en fun in Tamriel, you have until 2pm on Thursday 1st November.




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