MMO Seasonal Event- Elder Scrolls Online: Summerfall.

Yesterday, a new event launched in Elder Scrolls Online, which means today, I’ll be looking at what its all about!

How do you take part in the event?

To take part in Summerfall, you have to own the Summerset expansion and complete the achievement by 10am EDT on Friday 28th September. However, to earn the rewards, all you have to do, as long as you own Summerset, is log into the game before 7th October. If you don’t already own the expansion, some editions of it will be sole from 18th September while the rest will go on sale from 25th September.


What is the event?

Image source: Elder Scroll Online.

Summerfall is best classed as a community event. The ESO community has until Friday 28th September to get as many players as possible to earn the Summerset Pathfinder Achievement. The more players that do this, the better the rewards will be. The ESO developers even provided a map of the ten locations players need to visit in order to earn the achievement. One thing to note is that players can only contribute once to the event, but if you already have the achievement it will still count towards the target.

You can keep track of the community’s progress by going to the Summerfall event page.


What are the rewards?

Depending on how the community does, there are a number of rewards up for grabs. Already, the community has passed the 33% mark, so the pony pet has been unlocked.

Image source: Elder Scroll Online.

At 66%, the Psijic Escort Charger mount will be unlocked.

Image source: Elder Scroll Online.

And if the community manages to hit 100% of the target, then players will receive the Grand Psijic Villa.

Image source: Elder Scroll Online.

Any rewards that the community have earned by the end of the event, will be received by eligible players by Wednesday 10th October.


Final Words.

I really like the sound of this event. First of all, this is actually a community event, so everyone is contributing towards a common goal. The rewards also look fantastic and seem to be worth putting the effort in to getting. The actual event itself, is simple and easily achievable, I also like that it isn’t your typical ‘kill a thing before the end of the event’ event. However, one thing that is slightly annoying is that we don’t know how many players need to earn the achievement in order to 10% complete the event. The organisers of the event say its not 100% of people who own the Summerset expansion, but it would have been nice to know what the target number was.

Overall, this looks like it will be a great event. If you want to take part and help out, you have until Friday 28th September to do so.



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