30 Day Fairy Tail Challenge: Day 13. The Team You Were Rooting For In The S-Class Exam.

Today’s topic is all about Fairy Tail’s S-Class trials that took place on Tenrou Island. Each participant was able to choose another Fairy Tail member to form a team, with whom they needed to successfully pass several trial, in order to be promoted to S-Class. So which was I rooting for?

This one was easy.

Image source: AminoApps.

Of course I was going to pick the team who’s relationship I’ve also been rooting for throughout the series- although that’s a discussion for another day. What I love about this team, is that initially Levy doesn’t believe she has what it takes to succeed and become an S-Class wizard but its the normally standoffish Gajeel who insists that she can do it and that he will help her. Also, I wanted someone who was one of the main characters to succeed and the unassuming Levy is a character who deserves a moment in the spotlight. Plus, with Gajeel’s strength and Levy’s intellect, this was a team that definitely had a chance of finishing the trials, if the events of Tenrou Island had turned out differently.


There eight team s that you could have rooted for, so let me know who you were supporting in the comments. Join me tomorrow, when I’ll be discussing my favourite Edolas character. See you then!




The creator of this 30 day challenge is Taleen over at Tumblr on A Dream Within A Dream. Featured image came from Geeky Tyrant.


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