30 Day Fairy Tail Challenge: Day 12.Favourite Event/Battle From The Grand Magic Games Tournament.

Today, I’m talking about Fairy Tail’s version of the Olympics, the Grand Magic Games! The Grand Magic Games was a bit of a an underdog story arc, in which the guild, Fairy Tail, tries to prove they are the strongest guild in Fiore.

To make up for the lack of posts this week, I’ll won’t be choosing one event or battle, instead I’ll be talking about one of each. Enjoy!

Favourite Event.

Image source: Fairy Tail wikia.

My favourite event from the Grand Magic Games tournament has to be Pandemonium. The aim of the event is to kill as many monsters as participants can, until the wizard is defeated or 100 monsters had been killed. Points were awarded for each monster killed and the wizard with the most points would win. This challenge feels sort of like a video game challenge to me, which is probably why I enjoyed watching it, also Erza definitely dominates this event!


Favourite Battle.

Image source: Fairy Tail wikia.

I decided not to go with the Four Dragon Slayer fight, just because that felt a little too predictable. Instead, my favourite battle is Wendy vs. Sherry. The fact that this is a Sky Dragon Slayer vs. Sky God Slayer fight makes it interesting and the result of fight wasn’t what I was expecting.


So there were my favourite events and battles from the Grand Magic Games, what was yours? Let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!




The creator of this 30 day challenge is Taleen over at Tumblr on A Dream Within A Dream. Featured image came from Geeky Tyrant.


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