Update: Escaping Another Escape Room!

I can’t believe that we already approaching the half-way mark fro September! Not much has been going in my life recently, apart from doing another Escape Room challenge, making this my third challenge. This time the theme was to escape the afterlife in an hour. I’m happy to say we did it in  minutes and 4 seconds! Considering the success rate for this experience was apparently at 40%, we didn’t do too bad. Recently another Escape Room company has started in my area, so I think there will be a few more rooms for me to escape in the future.

What have I been reading?

Continuing with last week’s Falling Kingdoms theme, I finished the fourth book in the series, Frozen Tides. I have to say, I’m not entirely sure where this series intends on going for the last two books; as I thought it was going in one direction but in this latest book, it seems to have done a 180 degree turn. Still, there are plenty of questions I need answers to, so you guys will be seeing the fifth book in one of these updates soon!

The second book I’ve read last week was These Rebel Waves by Sarah Raasch. It is a young adult fantasy pirate themed story which ticks all the boxes for me to pick up the book. I’m about halfway through it and I am a little disappointed in the lack of action, considering it is supposed to be a pirate book but the magic system, involving different aquatic plants makes up for this.

I’m also slowly reading Slan, which is an OK sci-fi novel but it hasn’t quite caught my undivided attention.


What have I been playing?


In ESO, I’m still making my way through Greenshade, a part of the Wood Elf area. I’ve actually enjoyed the questline involving the Wilderking and I’m hoping that the remainder of the zone’s quest will live up to it. On my other character, I’ve been PvPing with my friend. I can’t say that we are the most intimidating, or successful, PvPers, but we do try and hold our own… with mixed success.


I’ve also been playing Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital. It certainly has captured the feeling of its predecessor! My only concern is that at the moment, it feels a little too easy to earn money and complete the level goals. I’ve only done three of the hospitals, so that may change. I will posting my first impressions on this game soon!


What’s going on with the blog?

Quite a few posts went up last week, so if you missed one, here they all are:


This week’s  Fairy Tail challenge topics are:

  • Monday: Favourite Villain/Villain Turned Good.
  • Tuesday: Favourite Spriggan.
  • Wednesday: Favourite Demon Gate.
  • Thursday: Favourite Event/Battle From the Grand Magic Games.
  • Friday: The Team You Were Rooting For In The S-Class Exam.
  • Saturday: Favourite Edolas Character.
  • Sunday:  Favourite Crime Sorciére Mmeber.

I’ll also been posting a an additional post on both Wednesday and Friday.


And that was my week! Have you completed an escape room experience? Let me know the theme and your escape time in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!

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