Thero’s Top Five Non-Fairy Tail Guild Wizards.

As promised, this week all the posts are not gaming themed and I decided that with today’s post, I’ll give anime some love. A while back I made a post about my Top Five Members of the Fairy Tail Guild. Today, I’m going to be talking about my favourite non-Fairy Tail wizards, from Fairy Tail, who belonged to guilds other than Fairy Tail. The rules for this list are simple: the character must be a wizard, from the Fairy Tail anime and finally must have belonged to a guild, which cannot be Fairy Tail. With the rules out of the way, let’s jump into my list!

5. Lyon Vastia from Lamia Scale.

Image source: Fairy Tail wikia.

Lyon is introduced fairly early on, during the Galuna Island arc, as an antagonist to Team Natsu. Lyon was at odds with the Fairy Tail wizards because he wanted to prove he was stronger than his teacher, Ur, by defeating the demon that she did not. After this incident, Lyon saw the error in his arrogance and decided to join Lamia Scale in order to become a more powerful wizard. Over time, he proved to be a strong ally to Fairy Tail by facing the Oración Seis guild; as well as being a competitive rival against them in the Grand Magic games. I’ll admit initially, I did not like Lyon at all. He was arrogant and whiny, and his superior attitude grated on me. However once past the Galuna Island arc, I found him far more likeable and humorous, especially his interaction with his childhood rival, Grey, and his unrequited love, Juvia.


4. Sting Eucliffe from Sabretooth.

Image source: Fairy Tail wikia.

OK, from one arrogant wizard to another! Sting is a member of the Sabretooth guild, one of the strongest wizard guilds in Fiore. To be fair, Sting does have a good reason to be arrogant- he is a White Dragon Slayer, making him an incredibly powerful wizard and one half of the Twin Dragons of Sabretooth Team. Still, it wasn’t until later in the Grand Magic Games story arc, that we get to see a more compassionate Sting, who isn’t just obsessed with beating his childhood hero, Natsu. Since his introduction, Sting has mature but also lightened up a little bit, showing his a bit of a goofy side, as well as caring deeply for his guild.


3. Kagura Mikazuchi from Mermaid Heel.

Image source: Fairy Tail  wikia.

Another character introduced during the Grand Magic Games, next up is the serious Kagura Mikazuchi. I guess anyone who has read any of my posts relating to anime or Fairy Tail knows that Erza is my all time favourite anime character, so it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Kagura makes this list, as they are both pretty similar. Both are skilled in sword fighting and care deeply for their fellow guild members. But the most significant connection is the fact, both women were affected by the events surrounding the Tower of Heaven. That fact that this tragic event keeps popping up in Fairy Tail’s story, shows how one event can destroy so many characters’ lives. But, like Erza, Kagura proves that she can overcome the tragedies in her past, which is hwy she makes this list.



2. Ultear Milkovich from Crime Sorcière.

Like Lyon, Ultear was an antagonist, during the Tenrou Island story arc. If I was to make

Image source: Fairy Tail wikia.

a Top Five list of characters with the most tragic backstories, Ultear would certainly be high on that list. Born with too much magical power, Ultear was taken to the Bureau of Magical Development for a cure for her condition. Unfortunately, she was inside experimented on and left believing her mother had abandoned her.  Inevitably this led Ultear on a dark path, but fortunately, she would eventually redeem herself in one of the most tragic ways possible. Ultear makes the number two spot, for being one of the most complex characters in Fairy Tail.



1. Rogue Cheney from Sabretooth.

Image source: Fairy Tail wikia.

And my number one spot goes the other half of the Twin Dragons of Sabretooth Team, Rogue. Rogue is the quieter and more calmer half of the team, but that doesn’t mean he is less powerful than Sting; he is after all, a Shadow Dragon Slayer. OK, I’ll admit it, I love the quieter guys that have a small bit of inner darkness, which is mainly why Rogue gets the top spot. Not only that but he is fiercely protective of Frosch, which gets him bonus points.



And that my top five list of non-Fairy Tail guild wizards! There are a lot of characters in Fairy Tail, so if your favourite didn’t make my list, let me know in the comments and I’ll talk to you soon!

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