July Humble Monthly Bundle… Unboxing?!

It is absolutely roasting in the UK, so I’m taking any excuse to keep cool and stay inside. The Humble Monthly Bundle’s timing couldn’t be more perfect, as it gives me the perfect excuse. Join me, as we explore another bundle of gaming goodness!

1. Forts.

Image source: Forts’ Steam store page.

The first game in the bundle is Forts, an RTS physics game in which you build your own base and use it to destroy your opponents. I’ve seen this concept is free gaming apps on my tablet and even previously on old browser games, so I’m wondering what the developers are bringing to Forts to make it unique. I won’t be rushing to play this game, but I may give it a go in the future.

Price on Steam: £10.99/$14.99 (US).


2. Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.

Image source: Titan Quest’s Steam store page.

Next up, we have a game I already own, a re-release of Titan Quest, an action RPG set in ancient Greek mythology. This is the 10th Anniversary edition, which also includes the expansion, Immortal Throne. If you love ARPGs or want ancient Greek themed game while waiting for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, then this maybe the game for you.

Price on Steam: £17.99/$19.99 (US).


3. Titan Quest Ragnarok.


Image source: Titan Quest Ragnarok’s Steam store page.

OK, so the next game is actually the latest DLC for Titan Quest; but it adds so much more content to the base game, that it deserves its own entry in this post. Ragnarok sees your character travel to northern Europe, as you face Celtic and Asgardian legends. The level cap has been increased, there’s a new mastery and more enemies to fight. If you love Viking mythology, then this looks to be something that might interest you.

Price on Steam: £17.99/$19.99 (US).

You can also buy a Titan Quest bundle on Steam with both Titan Quest Anniversary and Ragnarok for £35.98 (UK) or $39.98 (US).


4. Hearts of Iron IV.

Image source: Hearts of Iron IV’s Steam store page.

Keeping with the historical theme, we have Hearts of Iron IV, our first revealed game for this month. Heart of Iron IV is a strategy game in which you command a nation during World War II. It is a Paradox Interactive strategy game, so expect the strategy (and menus) to be pretty intense, especially if you’re new to the strategy genre. I don’t often play World War II strategy games but I may give this one a go.

Price on Steam: £34.99/$39.99 (US).


5. Blackwake.

Image source: Blackwake’s Steam store page.

OK, I’m starting to think that pirates is going to be the gaming industry’s next zombies genre. Seriously, it seems everyone wants to release a pirate themed game! Anyway, Blackwake, the second revealed game,  is a multiplayer FPS in which you and the rest of your crew work together to fight other player pirates. It is currently in Early Access on Steam, so don’t expect a fully polished game. I’ll be honest, I won’t be in a rush to play this game as it is multiplayer only, but I may give it a go if I can persuade some of my friends to play with me.

Price on Steam: £14.99/$19.99 (US).


6. Portal Knights.

Image source: Portal Knights’ Steam store page.

Next, we have the third revealed game for July, Portal Knights. I’m struggling to explain what Portal Knights reminds me of, its like Minecraft had a baby with Terraria that has open world RPG elements to it. I think that’s as close as I’m going to get to trying to explain it. It does look intriguing, but it will probably be more fun playing with friends, so I may see if my brother will  give it a go, since we use to play Terraria together.

Price on Steam: £14.99/$19.99 (US).


7. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom.

Image source: Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom’s Steam store page.

We’re now back onto the usual story: this  is a game I own but haven’t yet played. I believe I picked Shiness in the Steam summer sale last year, but never got around to installing it. Anyway, it is an action RPG, in which you must resolve a power struggle between several kingdoms. The fighting mechanics look unique and I love the art style, which helps to put Shiness high on my to-play list.

Price on Steam: £24.99/$29.99 (US).


8. Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition.

Image source: Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition’s Steam store page.

Moving from an RPG game to a strategy game, we have Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition, a game in which you must develop your world in an arms race in order to overcome your enemies. This looks like it could be an interesting strategy game and certainly one I’ll be looking into, as it seems to be a balance between resource management, research and artillery engagement. Whether or not, I’ll be any good, remains to be seen!

Price on Steam: £10.99/$14.99 (US).


9. Serial Cleaner.

Image source: Serial Cleaner’s Steam store page.

Well… this is certainly unique. In Serial Cleaner, you play as a professional mob cleaner who’s job is to clean crime scenes of any evidence, including removing the bodies. Its a 2D stealth game with a unique concept and art style. It looks like it could be a good game to play in between longer RPGs, so I’ll be playing it a t some point.

Price on Steam: £11.99/$14.99 (US).


10. Stumblehill.

The Humble Original game for this month is actually one I may end up playing! I know, I don’t often play the Original games but this one is a platformer in which you play as Ecki, a clumsy penguin. The whole game looks extremely cute and would be a nice change of tone to the more gory/gruesome games I play.


And that was the July bundle! There was a definitely a theme of strategy and RPGs, which since they are my favourite game genres, make me very happy with this bundle. Were there any games that caught your interest, or any that you recommend I play first? Let me know in the comments!

August’s revealed games are: A Hat in TimeThe Escapist 2 and Conan Exiles. If you subscribe to the bundle now, you do get instant access to those three games. If they don’t appeal to you, you can always come back here next month, when I’ll talk about the games in the August bundle. See you then!

11 thoughts on “July Humble Monthly Bundle… Unboxing?!

  1. I did my first ever review of a monthly bundle this month! Overall, I thought this bundle was fine, but not the worst or best I’ve seen from Humble monthly. I’m definitely going to play Titan Quest and Shiness, and there are a few others I may goof around with a little.

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  2. The Otaku Judge

    I played the PlayStation version of Titan Quest, but didn’t stick with it. The game might be fun, but sadly the PS4 port was a bit clunky.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did n’t realise they had ported it the PS4, but considering its age and that it was originally a PC game, I can see why you would say it was clunky. I would say it was more a keyboard and mouse game.

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