The Video Game World Cup 2018- My Pick.

Pix over at Shoot the Rookie has created the amazing event, The Video Game World Game 2018, in which blogger are invited to suggest video game characters who they think should make it the Video Game football team. When I heard of this event, there was really only one character that sprung to mind…

Image source: Final Fantasy wiki.

The video game character I am going to suggest for the team is none other than Tidus from Final Fantasy X. Tidus is a famous, and successful, blitzball player. Blitzball is basically a sport that’s part football, part basketball and part rugby. So, Tidus already has the skills to be a great football player. In fact, one of his Overdrive moves, Blitz Ace, involves attacking an enemy with a Blitz ball. Based on Tidus’ statistics and personality, I would suggest that be placed in an offensive position, such as striker. With Tidus’ skills and optimistic personality, how could the Video Game team lose?

So that was my pick, but who would you suggest for the team? Head over to the The Video Game World Game 2018 post by Pix for more details on how to take part. Please be aware, you only have until Tuesday 10th July to write your suggestions!


Featured image came from the The Video Game World Game 2018 post.

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