30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 17. A Gaming Accomplishment I’m Proud Of.

I guess its time to see what all that time spent playing video games has amounted to!

I guess the best way to start this post is by looking at the games I’ve completed. After all, finishing a game and reaching the credits is an accomplishment, especially if you’re like me and get distracted. Pokemon Yellow is the first game I recall finishing by myself, although I still haven’t collected all 150 Pokemon. I also finished Pokemon Silver, which I guess you could say is an even bigger accomplishment as it is twice the size of the first generation Pokemon games. There have been other games that I have finished that I consider accomplishments including: Dragon Age: Origins, including its expansion and DLCs, Mass Effect 1 and 2 and Skyrim. Yes, completing Skyrim  was an achievement, since it took me three years to stop getting distracted by exploration and side quests, in order to finish the main quest.

Image source: WikiHow.

Speaking of achievements, there have been a number of those that I’ve been proud of. Now, I’m not an achievement hunter. I don’t go out my way to collect the hard or rare trophies/achievements but that doesn’t stop feeling pleased when a game lets me know I’ve done something impressive. Taking a quick look at my Steam profile and I can see a two achievements that stand out. These achievements are for Kingdom, a pixel game in which play a ruler of a kingdom struggling to survive against the darkness. I’m not sure how I did it, but I manage to hunt 20 deer before the end of day four and a recruited 8 archers by the end of day 1. Both of these achievements have been acquired by less than 3% of players who have played Kingdom.

Image source: Kingdom’s Steam store page.

However all these aside, there is a recent game I’ve finished that I feel is my biggest video gaming achievement so far. I completed Assassin’s Creed III. Now, I’ve owned Assassin’s Creed III, on some gaming platform, since its release back in 2012; but I’ve never been able to finish, mainly because it didn’t engage me. Through sheer stubbornness, I finished it (and its DLC) last week. Now if that’s not an accomplishment, I don’t know what is.

OK, guys, let me know what gaming accomplishment you’re proud of in the comments and join me tomorrow, when I’ll be talking about my favourite sidekick.pet/companion. See you then!





I did not create this challenge,  I found this challenge on The Gaming Teacher blog and the challenge itself was created on the New Game Plus blog. If you enjoy gaming blogs, I highly recommend you check out both these blogs!

5 thoughts on “30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 17. A Gaming Accomplishment I’m Proud Of.

  1. I’m an unashamed easy difficulty gamer because I just don’t have much time to play. That said, sometimes I worry that I suck at games because of it. My proudest accomplishment is getting through proud mode in Kingdom Hearts and critical mode in Kingdom Hearts 2, because it made me feel like I’m actually good at games 😋

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    1. There’s nothing wrong with choosing the easy setting for a game! The most important thing is that you’re enjoying playing the game. Still beating those games on proud and critical mode is incredible and definitely something to be proud of!

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